Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 58 10-31-16 Centenario

Well this week we got to feel a little bit of summer!!

On Monday it rained all day and we had to go to Cinco Saltos. The streets there were rivers. It was crazy flooded. We then had the heat hit us. I got burnt one day bad so i started putting sunscreen.

In Cinco Saltos, We had a training with the zone. I got to see Elder Martinez for the last time. He goes home after this transfer. He is doing good. I also saw Elder Feulin. We were in Plaza Huincul the same time! 

The work is going really good. We are starting to see the blessings from all of our works. We found a couple of new investigators that are super ready. We had a super awesome experience with a member and an  investigator. We went to Jorge with Benjamin Tapia(Capo), we knocked his door (clapped I don't know if you guys know but here everyone claps haha) he came out and told us that his wife didn't want anything because they already went to a different church. I had this feeling that we just had to keep talking to him so we started talking about the BOM. He then invited us in. Hermano Tapia asked him what was a question he had in his life? He then used the BOM to answer it. We taught him L1 and committed him to read and pray about the BOM. He said he would do it!! It was super awesome.

Well i love you all!!

Elder Nielson

Familia Flores! He is our mission leader but  he is going to Buenos Aires for 1 month for work..

Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 57 10-24-16 Centenario

This week was rain, sun, hail, and more rain!!

Pretty crazy week with the weather. We have been doing good with the work. We are looking for a lot of new investigators and we have been finding them. The lord is really helping us. We just need to pass this test of faith.

We had a lesson with Juan who had a fecha but didn't go to church...we taught about the BOM and he was like, this sounds really interesting. I'm going to have to read it haha and we were like ya do it!! We also found a couple with 4 kids. We taught them the plan of salvation because we don't have pamphlets of The restoration! They liked it and after asked how do they know what church is true and we were like next lesson we are going to talk about that  haha It was perfect!! 

I have been thinking a lot about how i can be a better missionary because the work has been slower. I was reading a lot about faith. Faith is the power for everything. I was reading in Alma, when it talks about Ammon and his brothers being missionaries and how God kept all of his promises that he gave them. I know that is true! Not  only for missionary work but with everything. If we believe in the promises of god and act in our faith. He is going to bless us! It helped me a lot!!

Well i love you all!!!

Elder Nielson

Milanesa sandwich!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Week 56 10-17-16 Centenario

This week the  weather was a little crazy. We had sun, wind, rain and hail haha A little bit of everything.
This week we had to drop a couple of our investigators because they  weren't progressing. Its a hard thing to do but we felt like it was the right thing to do. We ended up finding more new people too. We have one family that is super good. We taught them the BOM and they  had a lot of questions. It was a super awesome. We also found a man named Juan. We put a fecha with him too.

In church we had Gabriel. He is a kid from Costa Reyes. Super cool kid and he said that church was really good. He has a fecha for this week but i think we are going to have to move it up. We will see!

Today for Pday we went to the Dique and did a little asado. We made choripan and then walked around a little bit. Super chill day!

Its great to see that when we do the lords work. He is always going to help us. We are really exicted for this week!!

Well i love you all!!

Elder Nielson

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 55 10-10-16 Centenario

Well first off..

Jazmin didn't get baptized:( There ended up being a problem and President called us 30 minutes before the baptism and said that we couldn't do it. We talked with her and she still wants to get baptized so she is going to do it when she goes back to Spain. So that is good!

We had a really good week and found a couple new people! We put a fecha with Fernando, Alex, Mauricio and Gabriel. They are brothers and cousins that live in Costa Reyes! They are super awesome. They have 16,12,12 (ages) and they know a ton. A funny story about them...we went to their house last Monday and it started to rain a ton. Alex was like, No! my lamb is outside. So he and I ran outside and rescued it hahah.  I carried it in and got my shirt all dirty but it was fun!! 

We also had a the party for the wedding of Flia. Jerez. They did a whole asado. They had ribs from a cow and they roasted them. We had to leave early so we didn't get to eat then but Hno. Jerez ended up bringing us some the next day. It was super good!!! Today for Pday we went to a Jineteada which is a rodeo. It was cool. Super hot but it super awesome. The rodeos in the states are better but it's something different haha.

Well i love you all!!

Elder Nielson

With the lamb!

Hno. Jerez putting the chimichurri on the meat!

The asado!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Week 54 10-3-16 Centenario

This week was good.
It was a little slow and we couldn't find a lot of our investigators but we had a good week. To start it off. On Monday we had a super cool experience. We went to a contact. Called Brian. He's like 25. We knock on his door and he was outside with a girl. He invited us in and as we walk in he is with his brother who is also with a other girl. There is reggaton( music) and the brother is taking a shot of Rum. haha I was like" oh crap what have we walked into" We ended up asked them to turn the music off and we said a prayer. We taught the first lesson and the spirit was super strong. They accepted the BOM and said that they were going to read it. Its awesome to see how we can change an environment like that if we are doing our job.

For conference we went to Neuquen. It was nice to see everyone. I really liked conference. There was a talk by Kazuhiko Yamashita that talked about missions and it confirmed to me that I'm in the right place. Also that if I do everything that the Lord wants I will be happy and blessed!!

Well love you alll!!

Elder Nielson

Elder Jensen and I with Messi