Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 88 5-29-17 Esquel

So Fabian didn't get baptized.....Monday we went to teach a couple of things for the interview and he was perfect. We go on Wednesday to do the interview and he passed everything. He gets to the last question which is if he wants to be baptized and he said no........He had talked with his brother who is Catholic and his brother said that he can't be baptized. Fabian is like 40 and has special needs but lives alone. I was pissed and we tried to talk with him but still no. Hopefully he will be baptized this week!!

We have been able to find a lot of new people. We have been working with Fabiana who is a 20 year old girl that has a daughter of 5. She is really awesome but its hard to get her to take stuff serious sometimes. We have also been going out with a lot of members and trying to work with them. On Sunday, we were in the church and a friend of the Flia. Salazar came. We had talked with him before but never could teach him. Then in the afternoon we had a FHE which was awesome. The spirit was super awesome. The work is really picking up here. 

So there is a place in our area that still has a ton of snow. It's like walking into Narnia. haha so we were up there and I was trying to run and slide. I slid a little too much and fell. We were with Elder Toledo ( zone leader) so him and Elder Bustamante were laughing a ton haha

Well i love you all!!

Elder Nielson

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Week 87 5-22-17 Esquel

Its snowwing!!!! I'm not in California.....but its super awesome for right now.

So this week we had some really good lessons. We were able to find some investigators that we taught a long time ago. We had the interview for Fabian but he didn't pass but we have this week to help him get ready. We did a fast as a zone which was super awesome! Everyone is really working and giving everything to baptize!! 

Funny story... Sunday we were walking to look for an investigator and Elder Bustamante says´´ Man I forgot my plaque´´. We were already far from the pension so I said I would give him one of mine and no one would know the difference. He was giving a talk also so when the President looked at his plaque to write his name. He wrote Elder Nielson so we are siting in the meeting and when they called his name to talk. They called him Elder Nielson hahahahaha 

Well this week we have the baptism of Fabian so we hope everything goes as planned!!! Love and miss you guys!!

Elder Nielson

Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 86 5-15-17 Esquel

So this week was pretty chill!!! President Casariego brought us a washing machine on Monday which is great:) haha

The work has been a little rough this week because we had some investigators tell us that they didn't want us to come by anymore. It's also been hard to find investigators in their house but we are working a ton. We did put a new fecha with Fabian for the 27th of May and he said it in the church so now its going to happen si o si!! 

This week we already have a lot of service planned so that's good and we are trying new ways to find people!! 

The Rama 1 had an activity and we had invited people to go so we went and they have a popcorn machine and a cotton candy machine hahah we made a Willy Wonka thing hahahah

Well i love you guys!!!

Elder Nielson

Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 85 5-08-17 Esquel

I have a Chicano as a comp!!

So I got the best of both worlds this week. I went to look for my comp and I wanted a gringo but also wanted a Latino to help me with my  Spanish. My comp is Elder Bustamante, he is from Texas but his grandparents are from Mexico and he speaks Spanish perfectly!! He is super chill.

This week we didn't get to work a ton because we didn't get back to Esquel until Thursday in the night and then Saturday had an Open House which was really awesome. We had 9 people that aren't members come and we also got 3 kids to come because they were playing volleyball in the back of the church. We went and made a bet that if we won they had to go in and we won!! hahaha We also had a training with Presidente on Sunday which was pretty much all of the day!! It was really good and I was able to learn a lot about how to force more in the work and use the Holy Ghost more in the work!! 

Fabian came to church so we are going to try to plan a baptism with him for the 20th of this month!! He is progressing a ton. We left him with a part of the BOM to read and the next day we came and he had read and understood everything!! 

Well i love you all!!! 

Elder Nielson

The lunch i had on the bus...i think its a little nicer then your bus in Ecuador pops haha

Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 84 5-01-17 Esquel

This week we had transfers and I'm staying here and I'm going to be training a new elder:) I'm super excited to train again.

We were able to talk with Gustavo and his girlfriend Fernanda and Gustavo has everything to be baptized but has to get married so we are working a lot with Fernanda. We also working little a little with Fabian. He is progressing good. We are going to have another Open House here so we are preparing for that.

Well not a ton happened this week! I love you and miss you guys!!

Elder Nielson