Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 70 1-23-17 Centenario


So this week was a other great week! We had some great things happen. First off I'm sick with my stomach so starting Saturday I started having stomach pains and the bathroom got destroyed a couple times haha. I'm doing better but yesterday we stayed inside pretty much the whole day. The good things that happened this week was that we put 2 baptismal dates!!! One is a stud. His name is Facu and he is 13 years old. He is the grandson of a less active and he likes to learn. He couldn't make it to church but sent us a message saying that they woke up sick and that's why they didnt go.

A super funny story was that we met an Evangelico Pastor and his friend and we start talking to him and after about 15 minutes i could tell that he didn't want to listen to us so I tried to end the lesson on good terms which took about 40 minutes haha before we left we say a pray and we all hold hands and the friend says the prayer...super evangelico...saying Lord, God, Heavenly Father every other word...he then puts his hands on our shoulders and starts to bless us and I'm trying not to laugh and then he starts hitting elder Shumway's heart and asking God to heal his heart and a ton of stuff. It was a first and I'm not going to forget it. Yeah and after we left Elder Shumway asked me what he said haha I think that was the other funny part!

I forgot we also had to go to Neuquen to do paperwork but they never asked Elder Shumway to bring his passport so we couldn't do anything....but i got some sick pics!!

Well I love you all!!!

Elder Nielson

I got to see a couple people from Rincon!!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 69 1-16-17 Centenario

Why i love being a missionary!!!

So this week reminded me why I love being a missionary!!! We had some really awesome lessons and really saw the hand of the lord in our area. We were able to find Gabriel! That in its self was a milagro! We then taught him about baptism and the spirit was sooo strong. I said stuff that i would never had said. We invited him to say a kneeling pray and ask God if he should be baptized so we are waiting to see if he gets an answer (which he will:) ).

On Sunday we when out with Facu and all of our plans fell....which happens a ton when we go out with a member.. but we when to a contact we had called Ernest who is an Israelita. We started talking and he was talking about a ton of Bible one point. I didn't know what to I prayed and asked God to give me the right words! ( i was expecting to have a knowledge about the bible and be able to say everything to him hahah) but the Lord always works his one point that told him to be quiet and started to bear my testimony! After Elder Shumway and Facu gave there testimonies and the spirit was sooo strong! We invited him to read and pray about the BOM and we left!! It was a great lesson!! I know the Lord is always with us and he will always help us!! 

We visited a less active and she was a "bird lady" haha she is super awesome but has a ton of birds. She has a ton of pigeons  that are in cages too hahah 

Well i love and miss you all!!!

Elder Nielson

Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 68 1-09-17 Centenario

This week was good. We had a hard time finding our investigadores and also lost a couple. Lucas told us that we can't go by anymore because his parents don't wants us to...he is 20 but he lives there and they pay for his school. It's a bummer because he is a super cool kid and had a ton of good questions. I loved teaching him. One day he will be baptized!!

We had Training with President on Saturday which was really awesome. I learned a ton. We talked about repentance and that it all has to do with a desire and action. That every time that we change to be better we are repenting! It was really cool.

A funny story this week was we were walking and 2 guys that were drinking and smoking weed called us over. They started asking us questions and the one was super excited and the other was gone!! haha They were talking super argentine. like, Che boludo ¿que haces aca vos? don't you guys have huge houses there hahah he was using a ton of slang and after, I asked my comp what he understood and he looks at me and says Nothing! hahah

Well i love you guys!!

Elder Nielson

Nathan as a cow hahaha 

Apple pie that Fabian made!!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Week 67 1-02-17 Centenario

I'm Training!

So we got transfers this week and I'm staying in Centenario so I'm going to have 6 months here but I love it. I'm also training...we went Thursday to get our comps. I was with Elder Beltran for a little bit and we both went to Neuquen to get our comps. My new comp is Elder Shumway from Utah. He is super gringo haha He is a really cool guy and wants to work which is great. We got to Centenario Thursday in the afternoon and we got to teach Enzo. He is a super cool kid but has a hard time reading.

We have also been teaching Lucas a lot. He has a lot of questions and we are trying to get him to read the BOM and pray to get a testimony. We are doing really good.

New Year's Eve was super chill. We pretty much did  the same as for Christmas. Then Sunday in the church, Fabian and I made a bet to see how many people would be in the church. I said 40 and he said 35..he won with 30 people...everyone was sleeping. We then had to work in the afternoon and ended up talking with a couple less actives.

Well i love you all!!

Elder Nielson

In Cinco Saltos with Elder Juarez

The shirts we got made!