Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Week 13 12-21-15 Plaza Hunicul


So my new area is big!!! We walk a lot but its all good hahaha Both my comp and i are new so its been harder. We don't know where anything is or who anyone is. We had a good week tho. We had some good contacts. I also found a rocking climbing wall...it was dope. I sent a picture. It was super cool!! So my comp is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He only knows a couple words in English so we speak Spanish the whole day. I actually understand him though. It's awesome. I dont have a problem only speaking spanish because i can almost always say what I want now and I understand him. I have to say the Lord has a hand in that. My Spanish is a lot better now. I understand the members haha and most say its good for only 6 weeks:) I still have a lot to learn but its good. My comp is awesome tho. He has a strong testimony and likes to work. I have already learned so much from him. I was scarred at first to have a latino comp but it has shown me that my spanish isn't all bad hahah My area is only 3 hours south from Rincon so the weather is pretty much the same but its starting to get hot...Plaza Hunicul is right next to Cutral Co which is a more known city. Its like Rancho Cucamonga and Alta Loma. For church they have classes first and then the Sacrament and I had to give a talk in church and i didn't know till like 5 minutes before the meeting hahaha The life of a missionary!! Well i think thats all. Im excited to talk to you guys on Thursday. Love you all!!

Freakin i was dying when i was reading about the car. I can just imagine the jokes hahahahah We should get one to take down to mexico;) The adventure Crossover!! I was dying at how mom called it a mini van and the guy was like no its a crossover hahahah Thats awesome with Torie!  Well i hope everything is going good! Also in my district there is an Ecuadorian guy. Where did you serve in Ecuador? ¿Como esta mi llave? -Elder Conforme

For transfers i will tell you on Thursday because its confusing haha but we take a bus.

Love you all!!
Elder Nielson

Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 12 12-14-15 Rincon de los Sauces


So this week was crazy so first of off we had transfers and half the mission got whitewashed including Rincon........Im super sad about it because i love it there and i only got one transfer. I'm going to miss Elder Bursach too.. I'm going to Plaza Huincul and I have a Argentina Latino. That is exciting but my spanish should pick up super fast. Dad there is only two Elders and two Hermanas in Rincon. I know those 2 families. I sent a picture of Family Ponce.

On Monday we cooked chorizo in the church with some kids and we cooked in the oven so we were taking them out. The pan had a lot of grease and it spilled and a huge fire started hahaha it was big!!! Bursach turned the gas off with the switch and then the whole church was filled with smoke. It was super scary when it was happening but after it was super funny hahah

We had a pretty good week with lessons. We had a less active call us out of no where and was like here i want to start going back to church. We went and visited him and this guy was LOADED!! He is like 27 and is a famous photographer. He had all Apple stuff which you cant buy in the US, Xbox, and the Canon 6D. He was super cool too. He was going to take us to the volcano too but we got transferred :( 

Nothing else really big happened this week. We had a super cool sunset and then on sunday we just visited familys. People always say its hard to leave the mission and i never understood it but after Rincon I do. I have a love for the place and the people. We had to bear our testimonys and I actually cried because I was super sad I was leaving. The thing about Love is so true!!! I love the people of Argentina!! Love you all!!

Its super weird having it be Christmas but having it be hot!! This last week was pretty hot. I wore my wood tie to church and everyone loved it but yeah its crazy how big Greg King's bowties have gotten and i have the first one!! I'm pretty sure I get to Skype. I will let you know as I find out!

Hope you feel better. I cant believe that you have only gone up to the lights once!! The gift of tongues is so true. Its crazy how fast i have already learned Spanish. They dont have a ton of stuff but i will look for some thing and let you know!! Thanks for all the updates but with the screenshots its always super small. Love you tons Mom!!

The Chicos we have been teaching!!

Andres is the guy with Bursach and I

Family Ponce

Family Arpones

The little kid is Aitor!! He super cute

Family Maza

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 11 12-7-15 Rincon de los Sauces

So I,m going to start off by telling about some crazy things in Argentina. So on the cigarette packages, they all have warnings of how bad they are and stuff but people still smoke them hahah and super young kids smoke and drink in public like its nothing.
Everyone has mopeds (scooters) that they trick out and think they are the coolest things haha I have seen a couple super nice dirtbikes tho. I saw like a brand new KTM 200 or something. It was sweet. This place would be so fun to ride dirtbikes dad.
So the One Eyed Unicorn is what a missionary called it but the ladies breast feed EVERYWHERE....in church, the park, riding on the back of a scooter, and wherever they want hahaha
Argentinas are crazy when it comes to ladders hahaha. I sent a picture but there was another one and this guy had a ladder standing against a pole and was on the very top rung!!
Thanks for the Christmas tree!! It was super cool!!
This week was good but we did a ton of walking....We having been trying to get new investigators because we only have like 5 right now. We visited a ton of people but no one was home. We did have some crazy contacts tho. We had like 5 people this week just stop us and want to know what we did. It was awesome and I'm starting to understand people way better. On Monday I bought a new razor and i got the cheap ones because it had like 10. I open them and it has 1 blade......................I cut myself like 6 times. It was horrible hahaha So we had some really good lessons things week. We had like 2 lessons with Bruno and Karen who we have been trying to visit since i got here. They also came to church!! They are awesome!! We had one of Santis friends Rodrigo come to church who we have taught a couple times and he said he wants to be baptized. YESSS!! We had a great lesson with Gerson and he is great but he has a girlfriend that is in Peru until Enero....So we are going to have to wait for that!! Which sucks! Oh i almost forgot. We had a huge storm that lasted 2 days. The thunder and lighting was crazy. The lighting is pink here!! I wish i could take a photo of it. I used my jacket and it worked great:) The president and the APs came to Rincon on Saturday too and we had interviews which were super good. I could actually understand him this time haha He said that my Spanish is good too!! Its crazy how much I have improved in just 5 weeks. 

Well love you all!! Hope everything is going great back home.

Thats fun going to the lights with everyone. That was always so fun! Its weird because its super hot here and doesnt feel like christmas at all haha But we should be having some bomb fun this month. Last night they also had a BMX contest in the plaza. It was pretty cool.  Im jealous you saw the new Hunger Games!!! haha 

Well love you all and miss you. I hope the Christmas season is great!!!

The kid with the glasses is Hermano Maza's son Nataniel. There family is awesome.