Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 23 2-29-16 Plaza Hunicul

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

This week we had a ton of lessons. Exequiel called us and said that he wants to be baptized on Saturday the 5!!! We were doing planning for that which was fun. He is super awesome. We have another investigator Carla and she is ready to get baptized, she goes to church and has had all the lessons but isnt married......but she has 3 kids and has been with her guy for 12 years!! So thats our big problems right now. hahaha On Tuesday, Elder Bednar was in Buenos Aires and talked to all of south of america. (6000 people) it was super cool. He was trying to talk Spanish and lets just say it wasnt the best. It was super good tho. He talked about a ton of good stuffs! He talked about how when we pray for something we need to act also.

We had lunch with Flia Baquer and they have a Little kid Thiago. He is 4 i think. We were doing stupid little magic tricks and he was like you guys can do that because you have a power of god. It was super funny hahaha He is also dancing and beatboxing too. Its awesome.

Well that's about it this week. Really good week but nothing really exciting! Just the life of a missionary. Oh yeah we have transfers this Saturday so I'm hoping I stay here!!! Well hope you all have a good week. Love you all!!

Elder Nielson

Dad,  we always have big lunches with members and then in the night we will do the same thing or buy a Little steak because we have a lot of money because we don't have to buy lunch stuff.They have kisocos everywhere so we just go to those. The restaurants are in centro which isn't our area. They don't use chifa. They just say restaurante de china or comida china. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 22 2-22-16 Plaza Hunicul


Another great week! Our investigator Exequiel is a capo.(Last time i spelled his name wrong haha) He has a feche for this saturday but said that he is ready to be baptised but he wants to tell his family in a different city first. That means he could get baptised on my birthday. That would be an awesome birthday gift!!! He was like I don't need their approval but i just want to tell them. He reads a chapter of the LDM everyday and wants to serve a mission. I wish you could meet him. We had a lesson with him on Saturday and he was talking about how he wants to be married in the temple and wants his family to members too!!! I thought about how blessed I am to have all my family as members. There is a ton of people here that are the only members and I just think how hard it would be. Also there are some Hermanas that can't go to the temple because their husbands aren't members....Thanks for  being such great examples for me!!! I realize now how awesome it is that my whole family are members!!

So a fun story hahaha we had lunch with Flia Almiron and had tacos!!! I made the tortillas :) So for her job she waxes peoples we are talking about it and she was like let me wax you guys hands hahaha Valley and I were like why not?? hahah So i now have smooth hairless hands hahaha

I also bought new shoes for futbul because i don't want to destroy my nikes! They were 500 pesos. 

I forgot a super funny story with Exequiel. I think only dad with get it but we were talking about the plan of salvation and I was talking about Adam and Eve. I was trying to say that Satan tempted them. In spanish Satan is Satanás but i said Santana who is a famous guitar player and Valley and a member Diego just started busting up hahaha Ok another super funny story hahahahaha we passed by a contact Javier. He wasn't there but his 3 kids were and invited us in. We taught a little lesson on faith and then asked the older brother Brian to pray. He didn't know how to so Valley said, First say Dear Heavenly Father. Express your feelings and end In the name of Jesus Christ Amen. So Brian starts to pray and says Dear Heavenly Father, Express your Thoughts, In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen hahahahahahahahahahaha I was trying not to laugh and i couldn't....I just started busting up laughing hahahah it was bad but I will never forget that prayer hahahaha

Well that was my week! I hope you have a great week. Love and miss you all tons!!!

Elder Nielson

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 21 2-15-16 Plaza Hunicul


This week was freakin awesome!! The work is awesome right now. We have a ton of people to teach and finding a lot of people. Last week a member brought a friend Ezekiel. He is gold. We had a lession with him this week and he already had recieved an answer that the Book of Mormon is true. We put a fecha for the 27 of this month. On Sunday he was also talking about a mission. He is a capo!! We also put a fecha with Maria for the 5 of March. She couldn't come to church this Sunday but she said next Sunday for sure. (fingers crossed) Elder Motzkus came and stayed with us. He is an AP. It was super fun. We had a great day with him too. We found 2 new investigators. 

We had a crazy lighting storm and then the next day was crazy windy. That sucked. I sent a picture of one of the lightning I got!! 

So about getting bit hahah  We were at a members house and they said the dog was bad but we had never had a problem. I was walking in to the house and the dog bit me in the calf... Im fine. It just put a little hole in my pants...But its all good. #ArgentinaNeuquenMision 

Well thats about it this week! It was a super soild week! I hope you have a great week! I love you all tons! 

Elder Nielson

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 20 2-09-16 Plaza Hunicul

Valenzuela`s Birthday!!

Hey sorry i didn't write yesterday! It was a random holiday so everything was closed! They have one of these holidays at least once a month hahah

This week was good. On Monday we found a slackline so we go to mess around with that for a little bit. It was super fun and it made me think about when we put it over the pool that one time. Monday night i started throwing up so Tuesday I was in bed all day.....but Wednesday I was fine. I think I ate something bad. 

We had a pretty good week after that. We had a training for the zone so we had to go to Zapala which is an hour away in a bus. When we got to Zapala it was super stormy and started raining. In the terminal we had this drunk guy come talk to us haha I'm glad we have the Word of Wisdom! We had a another good lesson with Maria but she didnt come to church again...thats her only big problem. Her son I guess is always telling his friends that he has a friend from California hahah and now he has 2 with Valley. In church we had 4 investigadoras!! This guy Bryan invited his friend Ezequiel! He is super cool and played soccer with us yesterday. He also said he wants to be baptized!! YA BABY!!! 

So Sunday was Valley`s birthday!! He is 21 now! We passed by Flia Baquer and had cake and torta fritas because it was Hno. Baquers birthday too. It was super funny and chill. And then yesterday we had a Noche de Hogar with Flia. Castillo and she made him a cake and a sign!! The members are super awesome here!! I'm glad i will get to have my birthday here:)

Well i love and miss you all!!

Elder Nielson

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Week 19 2-01-16 Plaza Hunicul

We got shot at by the Police!!!!


This week was good a little slow but we had a lesson almost everyday. Our investigators are good but super hard to find....We had another lesson with Maria and she said she was going to come to church but ended up not showing up. Thats the hardest thing. We will have one good lesson and then we cant find them to teach them again but our area is good! We got to talk to Sergio who was a contact that we taught lesson one with last week. We didnt get to teach a lesson but talked and he said how he doesnt plan on getting baptised but put a cita for this week. Last week we gave him a BOM but it was trashy so i traded him a new one. He had a bookmark and it was in 2 Nefi. I was like have you been reading and he was like Ya a little. If he has read that much in a week he is going to get baptised!!! We also had like 5 new investigators this week!!

So crazy story from this week! We were walking in the street during the ciesta so no one was outside. We hear 3 small bombs and then a HUGE bomb!!! We didnt think anything of it because its Argrentina but we look back and we see a white truck being followed by a police truck with its lights on.(The police always have there lights on so i didnt think anything of it). The cars pass behind us as we crossed the street and then the police man sticks his hand of the car and shots his gun. After 3 other cops showed up so we walked the other direction. Being Safe! Well a little bit later we saw the white truck pull in to his house and then leave and there was no cops in site!!! I dont know how he got away but he did hahaha 

Elder Valenzuela is from Hollister, California which is in central. He is super cool and funny. He surf, skates, and played waterpolo so we have a lot in common haha He finishes his mission in May so he doesnt have a lot more time. We have been talking english in the pension and then when outside we only talk spanish so its good. My spanish is doing good. Im understanding almost everything now but i still have a lot to improve. In time! This week we had 2 more asados so its been great!! The members are so awesome here!! Hope you have a great week! Love and miss you all!!

Elder Nielson