Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 20 2-09-16 Plaza Hunicul

Valenzuela`s Birthday!!

Hey sorry i didn't write yesterday! It was a random holiday so everything was closed! They have one of these holidays at least once a month hahah

This week was good. On Monday we found a slackline so we go to mess around with that for a little bit. It was super fun and it made me think about when we put it over the pool that one time. Monday night i started throwing up so Tuesday I was in bed all day.....but Wednesday I was fine. I think I ate something bad. 

We had a pretty good week after that. We had a training for the zone so we had to go to Zapala which is an hour away in a bus. When we got to Zapala it was super stormy and started raining. In the terminal we had this drunk guy come talk to us haha I'm glad we have the Word of Wisdom! We had a another good lesson with Maria but she didnt come to church again...thats her only big problem. Her son I guess is always telling his friends that he has a friend from California hahah and now he has 2 with Valley. In church we had 4 investigadoras!! This guy Bryan invited his friend Ezequiel! He is super cool and played soccer with us yesterday. He also said he wants to be baptized!! YA BABY!!! 

So Sunday was Valley`s birthday!! He is 21 now! We passed by Flia Baquer and had cake and torta fritas because it was Hno. Baquers birthday too. It was super funny and chill. And then yesterday we had a Noche de Hogar with Flia. Castillo and she made him a cake and a sign!! The members are super awesome here!! I'm glad i will get to have my birthday here:)

Well i love and miss you all!!

Elder Nielson

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