Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Week 19 2-01-16 Plaza Hunicul

We got shot at by the Police!!!!


This week was good a little slow but we had a lesson almost everyday. Our investigators are good but super hard to find....We had another lesson with Maria and she said she was going to come to church but ended up not showing up. Thats the hardest thing. We will have one good lesson and then we cant find them to teach them again but our area is good! We got to talk to Sergio who was a contact that we taught lesson one with last week. We didnt get to teach a lesson but talked and he said how he doesnt plan on getting baptised but put a cita for this week. Last week we gave him a BOM but it was trashy so i traded him a new one. He had a bookmark and it was in 2 Nefi. I was like have you been reading and he was like Ya a little. If he has read that much in a week he is going to get baptised!!! We also had like 5 new investigators this week!!

So crazy story from this week! We were walking in the street during the ciesta so no one was outside. We hear 3 small bombs and then a HUGE bomb!!! We didnt think anything of it because its Argrentina but we look back and we see a white truck being followed by a police truck with its lights on.(The police always have there lights on so i didnt think anything of it). The cars pass behind us as we crossed the street and then the police man sticks his hand of the car and shots his gun. After 3 other cops showed up so we walked the other direction. Being Safe! Well a little bit later we saw the white truck pull in to his house and then leave and there was no cops in site!!! I dont know how he got away but he did hahaha 

Elder Valenzuela is from Hollister, California which is in central. He is super cool and funny. He surf, skates, and played waterpolo so we have a lot in common haha He finishes his mission in May so he doesnt have a lot more time. We have been talking english in the pension and then when outside we only talk spanish so its good. My spanish is doing good. Im understanding almost everything now but i still have a lot to improve. In time! This week we had 2 more asados so its been great!! The members are so awesome here!! Hope you have a great week! Love and miss you all!!

Elder Nielson

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