Monday, December 26, 2016

Week 66 12-26-16 Centenario

So this week was really great!

The weather was perfect and we got to help a ton of people. We did a lot of service which was awesome in this time of year. My hands got destroyed but its all good haha We taught a ton of people. We had a couple super good lessons. We found Aurelio who is with the Testigos but we have taught him a couple times and he accepted the BOM. We passed his house and he told us that he was just going to leave( Liar). We started to talk and ask him questions. In the end we showed him a ton of scriptures about questions that he had. He let us in and we taught him more and he said that we have reason with everything and that he was going to read the BOM. It was super awesome.

We also talked with Gabriel but he is working a ton....he is super awesome but its hard. We also had a lesson with Irma and she is progressing a ton. She didnt accept a fecha for baptism but she has a ton of questions and she understands everything. She is just waiting for an answer!! 

Christmas was great. Christmas Eve here is way bigger then Christmas day. We got to stay up until like 12:30. We had dinner with Fabian and then we went to the pension and waited for the fireworks! We have a balcony so it was great to see the fireworks. We then had a really good church meeting. We missed a lot of people but it was good hahah

Well i love and miss you all!!

Elder Nielson

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Week 65 12-19-16 Centenario

Hey guys this week was really good!!

It's still hot but we are in summer now so it's normal. We had a lot of lessons and found a ton of new people. We put a fecha with a new investigator but she didn't go to church so we are going to have to put another one. With Gabriel Chavez, we couldn't visit at all this week because he found a new job and is working a ton. He is reading and praying which is good so hopefully we can find him this week. We really don't have any other investigators that are progressing but we have a lot of new ones. 

Saturday we went caroling too hahah The kid that hated doing it at home. I made a ton of Chocalate Chip Cookies and we went to like 7 families and gave them cookies and sung. It was actually really fun haha It started to rain a little too.

We have been talking with everyone and giving them little cards for Christmas. You would be surprised of how many people have told me that they don't celebrate Christmas because it doesn't say it in the Bible....hahah Its super weird to me! 

Well i hope everyone has a great Christmas and can remember Jesus Christ and everything that he has done for us! I love and miss you all!!

Elder Nielson


Cooking today with Fabian!
Homemade Flan!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 64 12-12-16 Centenario

Hey guys this week was good!

We had a lot of wind but we still worked hard. We had another lesson with Gabriel and he is doing really good. He didn't come to church this week...but we are working a lot with him! We also found some new investigators. We had contacted a Paraguayo about 2 weeks back and this week we could teach him. Elder Britez is always talking  to him in Guarani which is cool.
We had a Training with President that was for Christmas!! It was really good. We did a couple activities that were really cool and President Casariego gave us a little treat bag haha

We did a service with the Hermanas on Saturday and we painted a small little house. It was super funny. The hermanas was putting water in the paint and we were like you shouldn't put more and she was like no they told me to put the end the paint was super watery and we had to buy more hahah It was a fun service!

Well love and miss you all!! Happy Christmas season! I hope everyone can Light the World!!

Elder Nielson

This was one of the activities. It is a thing that they do here and in Urugauy. They leave there shoes with water and grass and then the Wise men bring gifts!!

Chicken tacos that i made:)

I forgot to tell you guys that one night i got bite like 20times on each foot.....

Friday, December 9, 2016

Week 63 12-05-16 Centenario

The work is heating up and I'm getting tanner....hahaha

This week was super awesome and hot! We had a ton of lessons and a lot of success. One of the best things that happened was that we talked with Gabriel Chavez who's family are members but he isn't. He is 23 years old and his dad died about 5 months ago. We went and taught him with Sergio Flores and had a super awesome lesson. The spirit was way strong and he accepted a fecha for the 17th. He also came to church this week!! He is a stud.
We got to also teach Irma and she is also progressing a lot. She is super awesome and wants to learn.
For Christmas we are handing out cards and also doing this calendar but President made one for the missionary that is really cool!! It's helped me a lot!
Well i love you all
Elder Nielson

Hair Cuts with Fabian

Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 62 11-28-16 Centenario

Hey guys this week was really good!!

Our investigators are progressing and we are finding a ton of new people. We had a lesson with Irma. We went with Hno. Veles and we read the first chapter of the BOM. She then said that she was going to read until chapter 5!! We asked her how she felt about the BOM and she said that she had peace for the first time in months!! It was super awesome. The BOM really is the keystone to our church. I know that it is true and that it can help us with any problem that we have!!
A funny Friday we had Elder Hoffman with us because the ZL had to go to Neuquen for training. First thing that happened was after lunch we leave the pension and a huge storm hits us. It was super windy and raining a ton. It lasted about 30 minutes and it stop haha we then went to the bus stop to wait for the ZL. We were waiting and we see the bus come. when it was about 100 feet away there was a cloud of dust like a popped it got closer there was fire coming out of the bottom...the people on the bus were super calm and then everyone started yelling GET OFF GET OFF! hahah It was crazy!
Well I love you all!!
Elder Nielson

The storm with Elder Hoffman and Elder Britez

The bus with firefighters!

Elder Juarez who was my district leader in Chos Malal

Capilla Abierto in Cinco Saltos!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Week 61 11-22-16 Centenario

Man this week was great!

We worked a ton and found a ton of new people! In the mission we have a new goal to talk with everyone. I made the goal to work harder at this and I really saw the blessings this week! We also had some really good lessons. We got to teach Diego who has 17 years and we put a fecha for the 17th of December. We are working really hard with him so he can arrive this day.

My comp is also teaching me how to talk Guarani which is the native language of Paraguay. Ha upei. which is "whats up" haha 
It's starting to warm up but its still really nice. We are working hard and I'm loving it here!

Elder Nielson

Here is a photo of the baptismo of Jazmin in Spain.
"Yeah when she got to Spain she went to the church and she had the missionaries come to her house.  Jose her boyfriend was super happy. Yeah its still awesome to hear about her baptism. I got to teach her and see her change which is the coolest thing!
Dan taught her while she was in Argentina. She wanted to get baptized, but the mission president felt it would better if she were to be baptized at her home.

A member gave us cherries!! There is a ton of cherry trees here

Desserts hahah

Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 60 11-14-16 Centenario

So to start off this week! I found out that Jazmin that lives in Spain got baptized this week!
Jose showed us photos and its was super awesome.

We had a really good week. We started off a little slow and then on Wednesday we had to go to Cinco Saltos for interviews with Presdient and we also had a training. It was really good. After this we had a really good weekend. We found a lot of new people and had a lot of really good lessons.

Sunday we had a lesson with the Flia. Tapia and their friend Erma. It was a super good lesson and she has been looking for answers so we told her to read and pray about the BOM. We will see how everything works out!

We also had transfers, and I'm staying but Elder Garcia is going to Roca. My new comp is Elder Britiz from Paraguay. He has 6 months so he is still pretty new. I'm excited to be with him and we will see how he is.

Fabian to say goodbye to Elder Garcia threw water at him. I ended up throwing a bucket and him and Fabian and then Fabian threw a bucket of water on me. We ended up all being soaking wet hahah. 

Well i love you all!! 

Elder Nielson

An old bus we found!

I made the Snickerdoodles!!

A new mate I got!! Its handmade!!

Elder Garcia 

Elder Martinez finished his mission!!

Elder Britiz my new comp