Thursday, October 29, 2015

Week 5 10-29-15 Last Week in MTC

Yeah so all the Argentina missionarys fly down on the same plane so I will be with him!(Andrew Moore  That will be fun. There is going to be a lot of missionaries flying down to Argentina. 
So this week was pretty good. I got sick so i was sleeping a lot which was nice but sucked. Im pretty much over it so hopefully im good by monday. So monday night we had a sick jam session with all the polys up stairs! It was so much fun and nice to just chill. The MTC is all just go go go! We finished teaching our TRC investigator on friday. He was really good and I learned a lot from him. We also finished our last spanish lesson so now we are just reviewing. Its good because there is so much that i have forgotten. So monday the district A left. Which was sad because they were all so awesome. Its crazy that we leave monday. Im excited. Its going to be dope. So we have skype investigators and our last one was from mexico but she said she had friends from Neuquen. She said they have thick pieces of carne and noodles. So i should be eating good and then she said that the elders get muy gordo...cual esta no bueno. We have infield training which everyone says is horrible but i plan on going in with a good attribute. 
This week for our Tuesday night devotional we had Neil A. Anderson.  He is great. He talked about sacrifice, Opposition, adversity, and diligence. Well he talked a lot about sacrifice and how we all sacrifice something when we are on our missions. For some of us its a big sacrifice and for others its not but He said you have to sacrifice to gain something and then he said the lord will give us 1000 blessings x our sacrifice! I thought that was super cool and helps a lot being on a mission. That was like the perfect talk to hear before going out to the field. And i also got to see an Apostle so my time in the MTC is done haha 
Well thats about it this week because i was sick a lot of the time. Oh I almost forgot something big haha so every week you prepare a talk in spanish and then they pick 2 missionaries to give their talks. So this week I was luck enough to be able to give a talk...I was super nervous but everyone said it was good. So i guess i was alright. I get to start packing tonight which is crazy to think about. If the mission goes as fast as it does here i will be home in no time. Love you all and miss you! Cant wait to talk to you on monday:)

Thanks a ton! I got the backpack and sour patch kids! The backpack is dope. Its perfect. Thats awesome that Rancho killed Osos again. I miss those games, they were soo crazy! well i dont remember talking to any sister going to Rancho but I dont know. I hope teaching starts to be better with that PE class. Thats so funny what happened in the haunted house hahaha i can totally see matt being like what are you guys doing! Well im glad everything is going good and everyone is good! Keep killing it Kate!! That would be sick if you guys went undefeated. Is varsity too? Well love you all:)

Elder Shupe and I at the Provo Temple.

Elder Peterson is going to Nicaragua, He is super cool!

Hermana Hussey she is going to Nicaragua!

Last P-Day in the MTC. We played sand volleyball and the sand doesn't feel like California sand:(

Friday, October 23, 2015

Week 4 10-22-15 MTC

Hey guys!!

Its so crazy that its been a month!! They arent kidding when they say it flys. We get our flight plans tomorrow!! Yayy baby!! Its crazy that im going to be in Argentina in less that 2 weeks. I just want to get down there and teach already. On saturday we were looking at Neuquen and we looked up meeting houses and we go to one in the mountains and it was an apartment im pretty sure. It was soo cool! So this week this lady that works here and is from El Salvador randomly came into our classroom and I talked to her in spanish for like 10 minutes like it was nothing! it was the coolest thing ever. That was one of those moments were i was like i do know spanish because i have been questioning how good my spanish is. Well this week for our devotionals we had Chad Lewis who was a tight end for BYU and then the Eagles. His talk was soo good! He talked about how important his mission was for him and then he also told about how he climbed Mt.Kilimanjaro with some wounded warriors. He had it pretty easy because the sherpas carried everything but it is still way cool! That would be a fun one to climb! On our Tuesday devotional i sang in the choir ( i know a shock right but its actually really awesome, the spirit is just so strong its amazing) and we had Erich W. Kopischke (Of the Seventy) he talked about how important Joseph Smith is to everything. He said that "we cant teach without talking about the Prophet Joseph Smith". That was a really cool thought. So the district with Black, Peterson, Ishamm, Meza is leaving next week which is sad because i have gotten so close with them. Its also exciting that we are almost out of here too. Well this week nothing else really interested happened that i can think of right now. I love you all and miss you! I hope everything is going good at home:)

Thanks a lot! Can you send my flag too?   Yeah i got Matts email thanks! Thats sooo awesome that Kate got moved up to practice with varsity! Its the greatest feeling when you get noticed like that! Im so proud of her:) Thats soo sick perri's photo got in a contest!! Thats good that she has something to keep her busy and that she is good at!! I would do the same thing if i was perri but im sure its just cuz she misses the smell of me;) (Response to: Perri sleeping in Dane's room) I hope senior year is going good Perri! Do everything you can because it flys!! hahah Well good luck with your jobs. High school seems the funniest to me too! That's awesome that surfing was great! Yeah i want to try one of those SUPs but I have to agree surfing still looks more fun. It doesn't bum me out because i know im doing the right thing in my life right now. I forgot in that talk by Chad Lewis he said If the lord wanted you to be doing something else, you would be doing it. That just insured me that I'm doing the right thing.

Love you guys!

​Pointing at my Mission!!

​Donovan Toki! from High School.  He is going to Sacramento
This is Elder Anderson he is going to Arkansas. He is a stud

Uepi from High School holding the ties. Tie trading gets crazy!

The tie and watch that I got from trading!
(Don't worry i didn't trade my Nixon)
Elder Isham is from Hawaii and is going to Nicaragua! He is so funny haha

We decorated our whole room with Halloween stuff that we got from a district that was leaving!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Week Three 10-15-15 MTC

So this week flew by so quick! We had a good week. We did great in all our lessons which is awesome! The Spanish is starting to come which is great. Shupe is getting way better which is nice cuz then we can go back and forth in lessons. The spirit I have learned is also so important to have in lessons. When you have it Spanish just seems to flow way easier. This week we had a lesson and i wasn't feeling the spirit and i just couldn't speak spanish for the life for me and we get out of the lesson and I'm like, that was horrible and Shupe is like, that lesson was awesome. One of the greatest things I have learned here is that the holy ghost is awesome and works and you have to have it to teach someone. I got a package from Shelly this week and she hooked me up! I love you . She also sent me some talks that were super good! The one was like 14 pages but it told about this guys mission and it had so much good stuff. It just showed me how much i still need to work on and what kind of missionary i want to be!! Well Kanongataa has been cutting everyones hair hahah  and hey Uepi did come to the Provo MTC. I havent seen him yet but Toki said he saw him and this hermana said he is on the same floor as my classroom. So i should see him a lot. Thanks for getting all those pictures. I actually found the couple of pictures that i brought but it would be great to have more. I didnt realize how much i would like them! Can you get some of the pictures of me wakeboarding and sports stuff. That would be awesome. and you I cant believe its 3 weeks already. Its crazy how the days just fly by now!! For gym i have been playing volleyball and the other day i blocked the same guy like 4 times!! its was soo awesome! I love volleyball i wish i had played a club team in highschool. that would have been so much fun! We got a new branch president but before he got released we all had a meeting with us and he told us about how to be postive on the mission and a ton of good stuff! We got new guys last week and one is elder Anderson from the LA area and one night we talked for like 30 minutes about surfing hahah he is super chill! He is going to Arkansas! so he is only here for a little bit but he is a cool guy! 

How is kate doing in volleyball? they winning? They seemed to have a pretty solid team! Good luck kate! Keep killin!!

How is work perri? still at chick fil a right? I miss chick fil a and just food! The MTC food isnt bad but it all has that same kind of cafeteria food taste hahah I have surprisingly not gained any weight.
Probably because i have been running! but this week i didnt go at all because shupe was sick for most of the week. So hopefully this week is better!! Can you tell Grandma thanks for all the letters! I have been meaning to send her one but i get busy! Hey can you also go on my phone and see you you can text Matt for his email? I want to see how he is doing!!

Well thanks for everything. I love you Mom!

I love you all soo much! Thanks for everything you have done to get me to this point in my life!!
I cant wait to get to Argentina!!  

This is Hopkins and Peterson! Peterson is my bud! He is super cool. Him and I are really close

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Week Two 10-8-15 MTC

Week Two 10-8-15  MTC

Thats so awesome!! (response to Dad, about experience of the language coming easy when there was a need) I have had some similar things happen in lessons, where the investigator will ask a question that we didnt plan for and i somehow find the words to tell him the answer. its a crazy thing. Yeah maybe a newer backpack like the rei one! The one i have is a little beat up but i like that kind of style. Torie told me last week when she emailed me. I was thinking about it and its kind of an answer to prayer. That the first week that im on my mission her and Vick break up. Gabby told me maddie was getting a truck and then Andrew told me it was the Stewart's yesterday. She is a lucky girl! Im sorry that's a bummer. (response to Dad not surfing) Is work starting to get busy again? how is kate doing? NO WAY!! that sucks...  (response to Grandma and Grandpa Nielson moving to St George) I cant believe that they are actually doing it. I guess i was the one keeping them in California and nowsince im gone they are moving hahahah just kidding. Yeah it was weird on tuesday night we had like no one in our residents because all the english people that came in with us left. I havent heard anything about argentina but i think i will be good because it says i leave Nov 2. I think i will be flying to Atlanta first and then down... I do get to call home tho when im at the airport so i will tell you the details when i know.(Did you get my letters?) So this week for our devotionals we got to hear from Vocal Point which is an acapella group from BYU. There last song was super sweet. Then on tuesday we got to hear from Linda k Burton. who is the general relief society president. She talked about the important of prophets and how sometimes we dont realize how awesome they are. Shupe and I also had a killer lesson on tuesday! It was nice.

Perri so last night we got new missionaries and guess who is on my same floor. Donovan Toki!! It was so crazy seeing him. He is going to Sacramento. I hope everything is going good! When does Uepi come in too? and whats Tannas email??

Thats awesome that kate gets to play more! She just needs to keeping on killin it and she can get that scholarship to San Diego!! hahah Is she going to do waterpolo? 

Well i love you all and am praying for you! I hope everything is good at home! Its kind of crazy that its been 2 weeks already. This last week flew by.

Donuts from Kira and Cheryl Burr

 The guy in the white shirt behind me is Elder Black, Coulson,  Vail, then the girl is Hermana Hussey.

Black isnt in my district but is in my branch. he the funniest guy. He is from Montana

This is the guy that i flew in with! His room was right by us. He left on monday

​This was at general conference

Week One 10-1-15 in MTC

Week One 10-1-15

Como esta? You been surfing at all? I dont know why everyone hates the MTC so bad. Its not the greatest and the food gets old hahaha but i actually like how much you learn so quickly. Like we are teaching full on lessons. its awesome. You also get to study the gospel a ton! I love it! I cant wait to get out to Argentina but im fine being here. Hey i used the Charles card and it worked so we are all good with that!  I also got one from the MTC so i guess thats how they give us money. Well I love you dad! Thanks for being a great example and getting me ready for this! It takes a lot of hard work and you taught me all about that! Well keeping enjoying that warm water! Gosh i already miss it but i know im doing the right thing right now. I got to say its weird being called Nielson instead of Dane haha Love you! Talk to you next week

Elder Nielson

 Hey everything is going good! I sent a letter so i dont know if you got it yet. Dang the carlins are so nice! (From Leah: "Kate has been speaking Spanish whenever your dad is around… She is determined to learn it so she can out speak you…lol. I think you are going to beat her on that one. " )Gosh i love Kate. Yeah im pretty sure she is going to lose that battle 9 out of 10 times!! (Other Guys joke. Kate should get it) Well the MTC is going great. My district is awesome! My companion and i are like the only people going to Neuquen, Argentina. i still havent met anyone else going there. My branch is super cool too. we are always doing stuff together. All the studying is hard but i love how much you learn and how quick you do. I was being hard on myself the other day because we taught a lesson and i couldnt tell him something because i didnt know it and then i was thinking its only been 4 days and i can teach most of a lesson in spanish. Which is super amazing!! My companion is way cool and then we have a threesome and we do like everything with them. One is a Big tongan guy named Elder Kanonoga TAA. He is awesome and reminds me of Ete. We had a devotional and a member of the seventy came named Claudio M F Costa. He was great. One thing he said was the "you can see how many seeds are in an apple but you cant see how many apples are in a seed". That was a really cool thought. He also said that once we pass the veil you get to see how many people you affected. Well the spanish is going good and im doing great. love you all:)

Elder Nielson

Andrew Moore and Dane in MTC

This is Kanonga TAA and me with another district in our branch! The girl in blue is freakin beautiful but im being a good missionary ahahahh

Temple trip on first P-day

​this is the guys in my district