Thursday, October 15, 2015

Week Three 10-15-15 MTC

So this week flew by so quick! We had a good week. We did great in all our lessons which is awesome! The Spanish is starting to come which is great. Shupe is getting way better which is nice cuz then we can go back and forth in lessons. The spirit I have learned is also so important to have in lessons. When you have it Spanish just seems to flow way easier. This week we had a lesson and i wasn't feeling the spirit and i just couldn't speak spanish for the life for me and we get out of the lesson and I'm like, that was horrible and Shupe is like, that lesson was awesome. One of the greatest things I have learned here is that the holy ghost is awesome and works and you have to have it to teach someone. I got a package from Shelly this week and she hooked me up! I love you . She also sent me some talks that were super good! The one was like 14 pages but it told about this guys mission and it had so much good stuff. It just showed me how much i still need to work on and what kind of missionary i want to be!! Well Kanongataa has been cutting everyones hair hahah  and hey Uepi did come to the Provo MTC. I havent seen him yet but Toki said he saw him and this hermana said he is on the same floor as my classroom. So i should see him a lot. Thanks for getting all those pictures. I actually found the couple of pictures that i brought but it would be great to have more. I didnt realize how much i would like them! Can you get some of the pictures of me wakeboarding and sports stuff. That would be awesome. and you I cant believe its 3 weeks already. Its crazy how the days just fly by now!! For gym i have been playing volleyball and the other day i blocked the same guy like 4 times!! its was soo awesome! I love volleyball i wish i had played a club team in highschool. that would have been so much fun! We got a new branch president but before he got released we all had a meeting with us and he told us about how to be postive on the mission and a ton of good stuff! We got new guys last week and one is elder Anderson from the LA area and one night we talked for like 30 minutes about surfing hahah he is super chill! He is going to Arkansas! so he is only here for a little bit but he is a cool guy! 

How is kate doing in volleyball? they winning? They seemed to have a pretty solid team! Good luck kate! Keep killin!!

How is work perri? still at chick fil a right? I miss chick fil a and just food! The MTC food isnt bad but it all has that same kind of cafeteria food taste hahah I have surprisingly not gained any weight.
Probably because i have been running! but this week i didnt go at all because shupe was sick for most of the week. So hopefully this week is better!! Can you tell Grandma thanks for all the letters! I have been meaning to send her one but i get busy! Hey can you also go on my phone and see you you can text Matt for his email? I want to see how he is doing!!

Well thanks for everything. I love you Mom!

I love you all soo much! Thanks for everything you have done to get me to this point in my life!!
I cant wait to get to Argentina!!  

This is Hopkins and Peterson! Peterson is my bud! He is super cool. Him and I are really close

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