Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 31 4-25-16 Neuquen Progreso

The week was good! Monday we went to Jumbo which is a mall. They have McDonalds, Burger King and a ton of american stuff. We had Burger King and as we were eating the song Honey Bee by Blake Shelton came on!! I felt like i was back in the States hahah

 My comp and I are getting along good. He has like 3 months left but he is super cool. We have been working really hard here!!

We have like no investigators so we contacted a lot and visited a lot of old investigators from the area book. We worked a lot this week and we found some really good people. I'm in a ward now so we have a lot of good members. A ton are return missionaries so we just need to get them to start working. I am really trying to change this area. I don't know why I have moved so much but I want to make a difference here. We have also been working with less actives. 

That's about all this week. Just getting to know the area and stuff. On Sunday I gave a talk so I talked about missionary work and the members. Its weird, giving a talk now is super easy. My Spanish is doing really good and I now can say almost whatever I want. 

This week we have a meeting with Elder Gonzales who is of the seventy so that should be super cool. Well I hope you all have a great week!!!

Elder Nielson

Some apartments in our area!!

The bathrooms don't have toilet paper you have to take some into the stall. If that makes sense hahaha

Grilled Cheeses 

Banana Pancakes!!

Elder Vergaras birthday hahaha with a little flour and eggs

Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 30 4-18-16 Chos Malal

Man so we had transfers this week and i got transferred to Neuquen Progreso!! My new comp is Elder Opfar from Texas. He seems cool. I got to Neuquen this morning at like 7 so I'm going to have a full Pday here.
This week was good. Roman didn't get baptized....because he said that he needs to prepare more..that was a bummer! We had rabbit which was actually really good hahah it was like chicken but a little different.
In church,  we had Norma and Roman!! After church we went and visited everyone. We went to Norma and Jessica. They had chivo (goat) for lunch and gave us some to take home and eat. It was super good. I was going to be bummed if i didn't get to eat chivo in Chos Malal. We went to Dante last and hung out with him. I going to miss that dude. he is awesome!! I left Chos Malal at like 1:30 at night...hahah I'm here in Neuquen right now so we will see. I'm bummed to leave Chos Malal and Elder Stuart but I guess the lord has a plan for me!!
Well love you all
Elder Nielson

We eat rabbit with Victor!

Some Chicos we met

Our district
Dante and Anabella

Emilea ( daughter of Dante)

The daughters of Alicia

Roman hahah we were like lets take a photo and he was like i want to hold these books

Norma and Jessica

The daughters of Alicia

Chivo!!! It was super good

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Week 29 4-11-16 Chos Malal

Hey whats up? 

This week was good. We put a fecha with Roman for the 16th so I'm hoping everything works out. He is this old guy that lives alone and is always so happy to see us. We passed by his house before church and we walked together. Church was awesome this week. We had 5 investigators. Norma and Jessica came and we did the baby blessing of Jessica's baby. That was a super cool experience. We are starting to see some success here. If everything works out with Jessica and Norma both getting married we should have 2 more baptism the following week.

Wednesday this week was the worst day.....It was super windy and dirt was all in our eyes and no one wanted to talk with us...we were super down and we get a call that we have to leave for Neuquen that night...we ended up leaving at 1:30 in the morning and getting to Neuquen at like 8. We had a training with like 4 zones and President. It was super good and it helped me get a lot more ideas for my area. I also got to see almost everyone that I got to Argentina with. When we left we missed our bus because of miscommunication so we ended up leaving at 10 at night and didn't get back to Chos until 6 in the morning so we layed down for 10 minutes and then had to start the day hahahah it wasn't horrible because our seats were cama which is bigger and go back.

Sunday was Elder Stuarts birthday. So I made him a cake and dinner. I also threw flour at him when he was in the shower because that's what they do here. Elder Valenzuela did it to me too.. hahahha 

Well thats about it this week!! Last week of the transfer. Its gone by so quick!!

Love and miss you all!!

Elder Nielson

The giant hamburger we bought!!!

Norte Zona

Group from when we got here

Elder Ortiz and Elder Motzkus 

Baby blessing of Valintin

Birthday dinner

Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 28 4-4-16 Chos Malal


So this week was a little crazy!! I was in Neuquen twice to do tramitas or the paper work to be legal. Its a 6 hour bus ride to Neuquen. Both days I left at like 12:30 in the night so I had to sleep on the bus. It was semi bed so it wasn't horrible. I have learned how to sleep on the buses here haha.  In Neuquen I got to see Elder Shupe and also Elder Herrick! That was super cool. Elder Herrick is in Bariloche.  He seems to be doing really good. I was happy that he is doing so good. He seems to be loving it. I also got to eat Subway which was good but i still don't think it's that great hahah The bakery has changed me.

So for General Conference we watched it in the church Live. We had a tv and a computer. The times were 1 and 5. It was really good. They talked a lot about families. As a missionary I thought that doesn't apply a lot to us but after I was thinking that we need to teach families together. I think when people have there whole family in the church it's a lot easier to stay active. Conference was good but different in Spanish. It's not the same with a different voice haha 

Well that was about it this week. It was a good week but didn't get to work a lot. My comp and I are working super hard here. We are teaching a ton. We just need to push a little more for baptisms. They are close. 

Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Nielson

Our drunk Friends hahaha 

Service we did!

Chos Malal has parrots all over the place!!

some food that Elder Stuart and I made!!!!

Cutting hair!!!

Some more cutting hair.

Elder Shupe

Sunset on the way back from Neuquen

A giant milenesa sandwich 

Elder Herrick from Upland, CA

General Conference