Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Week 83 4-24-17 Esquel

So i have gotten to the point where i have holes in everything.....

I realized that i have at least a hole in socks, pants, garments, shirts and now my shoes....hahaha

This week we got to listen to a broadcast of Elder Nelson that was for the members. We went with Fabian. It was super awesome. Elder Nelson was talking in English and says, ´´The lord is telling me to talk with you guys in Spanish´´ He then gave his whole talk in Spanish which was great!!! 

We also had 4 baptism in the district!!!!! YAYYY!! I got to do all the interviews which was awesome. It is such a blessing to go the interviews. I interviewed Ramon who is an investigator of the Hermanas. The interview was super spiritual and at the end he asked me to baptize him. I was like I would love to!! It was awesome. The spirit and the opportunity to help him make this change was great!!

We also found a new investigator named Santiago that want to change his life because he has had a ton of bad things happen in his life and in the last 8 months. He separated from his woman and hasn't seen his son in 1 month so we are working a ton with him. He told us that he wants to be in the church and have peace!!

Well i love you all!!!

Elder Nielson

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week 82 4-17-17 Esquel

President Nelson came to Neuquén!!!

This week was super awesome because we got to hear from President Nelson, an Apostle of God!!! We had to take a 16 hour bus ride, picking up all the Elders in the south so I got to see a ton of places which was sweet. It was weird because I didn't know like anyone on the bus because they were all new missionaries.
In Neuquen we stayed in a sweet hotel and I fell in love with everything!! We all go to shake Elder Nelson's hand which was a super cool experience. After I felt a spirit that was super strong!! His talk was super great but the coolest thing that he said was that  he told us that he had a visit from President Hinckley in the night.......WHAT???  He is a prophet of god!!! He then gave us an Apostolic blessing which I had heard about before but to have one done to us was way way way cool!!!! Man the whole thing was awesome. I also got to see all of my old comps!! I talked with Elder Shupe a ton which was great. I love that dude haha

We also had Fabian go to church this week which is great!! He is doing really good!

Well that was pretty much the week!!!

I love you guys!!

Elder Nielson

Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 81 4-10-17 Esquel

This week was sweet!!

We were able to have success in our area and a ton in the district. We found a new investigator this week called Matias and we put a fecha for the 29th of April. We are still working a ton and the success will come.

Some other cool things that happened this week was that we woke up saturaday and it was super cold. Its now dark until like 9 so as we were doing studies i went to get a drink and look outside....the mountain was covered in snow!! It was super dope!! I yelled "Fa....Nieve" hahaha It ended up melting in like a day but it was pretty sweet. 

Also i got bit by a stupid dog and it ripped my nice tan pants... but yea!! I will send photos! 

Another awesome thing that is happening that I forgot to tell you guys like 3 weeks ago is that President Nelson is coming to our mission this week. The 15th of April. So we are going to have to go to Neuquén this week and we are going to take a 15 hour bus ride to pick up all the missionaries haha 

Well this should be a sweet week. Love and miss you all!!

Elder Nielson

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Week 80 4-03-17 Esquel

This week was awesome. We were able to work a ton in the area and really start to get it moving. We were able to find a lot of new investigators with diligencia. It was a great week. Elder Riches is super good too. It was a little bit of a rough start but we are getting along really good now and it's great. We also put a fecha with Gustavo who is a investigator that has known the church for a super long time. He is super awesome.

We were able to find Axel and Doris who is a son and mom. Axel started to talk to us about how he didn't believe in God. We talked outside and he then invited us in and we talk him and his mom. It was a super awesome lesson!!

Conference was also really great. I was able to watch part of it in Spanish and part in English. Its pretty cool when you and watch it in 2 different languages and understand all of it. I liked a lot of it but I loved the talk by L Whitney Clayton about the Faith. I have been studying about the faith and this helped me learn a lot more. Its something that i have been trying to do better and i know its the way to have success in the mission and at home. If we can do little acts of faith everyday. We will be better and happier people. I love the example in 2 Kings 5:1-14. The little things are the hardest sometimes but it shows god that we are in it till the end. 

Well i hope everyone has a great week!!!

Elder Nielson

I forgot so Saturday we got back from Conference and we went to work. There was lighting and thunder but we had like an hour so we went. At about 830 it was raining and at 840 it was pouring. Luckily i had my rain jacket but we still got super soaked hahaha