Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 27 3-28-16 Chos Malal

Whats up? I hope you all had a good Easter. Easter here is way different. They do it for the whole week but everyone is Catholic here. We didn't really do anything different for it but it was good.

This week we had a lesson with Roman. We found him contacting one day and he is super good. We passed by and he was outside reading the L1 pamphlet. We invited him to church and he said he would come. We went by Sunday and looked for him and he was all ready to go. He said he really liked church so that was awesome. He has a baptismal date for the 16th of April. 

We also found a lot of new people that are super good. Our investigators that we have right now are progressing a lot. The people are super awesome here. We had an actividad Saturday for Easter and not a SINGLE person showed up.............Besides an investigator of the other Elders. It was bad but we ended up having a lesson with her. 

Last P-day we hiked up this mountain that has this big Mary thing. It was super cool. You could see all of Chos Malal. When we were coming back.  There was 3 guys on the side of the road so we asked if they needed help. They said no but, we started to talk with them and they were super drunk hahahah They wanted to take a picture so we did and its super funny.

It's super cool to work in the new area but its just hard because all the members are new and are all women....I have already seen how the missionariess do a lot. last week I gave a talk and then this week I gave the lesson in Sunday school and they told me like 5 minutes before we started haha but it was good!  It's a super cool experience!! My comp and I are getting along super good now!

Well that's about all this week!! Hope everything is going good back home!! Love and miss you all!!

Elder Nielson

Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 26 3-21-16 Chos Malal


This week was super good!! First off we went to Rincon which was  a 3 an a half hour drive and 2 hours was on a dirt road. Dante drove us and it was actually really cool. We got to see the campo of Argentina! The zone meeting was really cool. I got to see Elder Bursack and also Hno. Mendez. For one of the things Elder Stuart had to bob for apples. It was awesome. Elder Stuart and I are getting along super good now. The first week was just different and now we are teaching and having a ton of fun!!! 

So we had an awesome miracle this week!! Monday we had this feeling that we should pass by an investigator. We passed by and she has had cancer so she couldn't go to church. We gave her a blessing because she was going to the doctor the next day. In the zone meeting she sent us a message and said that it text were super super good!!! It was great and then she came to church Sunday!! We have seen a ton of little miracles here but this one was huge!!! I also got to give a talk and Elder Stuart taught the lesson so yeah i think we will be doing a lot hahah.

Funny story, We passed by an investigator and it was cold outside. OH yeah its starting to get cold here.....I'm not a fan hahaha So we go inside and he makes a drink. We thought it was going to be mate cocido or something . He brought us coffee and we look at one another and are like sorry but we cant drink this. He was super nice about it and brought us a different drink. hahaha well miss and love you all!!

The kids have so much fun here with so little! I have tried to apply the stuff from Bednar. I'm glad Kate is doing good. Its weird that shes driving. That's weird that school is coming to an end. The school here just started...its crazy that its been 6 months! I dont always feel that assistance but most of the time yes and when i do the lessons are always the best!!

Dad, yeah the group is below a branch. so we are apart of the Rincon branch! Its going to be a cool experience. We had an investigator ask if she could give her a baby a name in church and I had to look in the manual for it and we ended up calling the President in Rincon. 

Elder Nielson

My comp bobbing for Apples!! hahaha

Our Zone 
A volcano thats next to Chos

Photos from driving to Rincon!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 25 3-14-16 Chos Malal

I dont know what the deal is with getting a new area or new comp hahaha The president now changes everyone hahah This is also my second white wash so I don't know hahah Its whatever.

So Chos Malal is super awesome. The leaders of the Zona gave us a challege to get 21 lessons our first week. We prayed and worked super hard and his week we had 21 lessons which is freakin awesome. The lord was on our side. The people are super nice and always invite us in. Its a little like Rincon but different. I'm super excited to be here!! We found a ton of good people. The church is new here so a lot of people don't know much about it. Its cool that we get to introduce the people to the gospel. Its a super pretty area too. Its surrounded by mountains and has a river. For baptismos they do it in the river!!! My dream hahah

For church its only 2 hours and everyone is together. We have sunday school and sacrament  Us and the leader are in charge and a other lady Alicia teachers sunday school. Its super small group. This 
Sunday Dante got the priesthood mayor so Presidente Casariego was there and also the leaders from Rincon. It was super cool. It was nice to see the leaders from Rincon. We are also going to Rincon tomorrow so hopefully I can go visit some people!!

My comp is good but different. He likes to take charge and we get along but there are things he does that kill me hahah , he is a good guy. 

Its a super cool area and I'm glad to be here!!! Love you miss you all!

Elder Nielson

The Church! 

The Family Sifuentes!!

Little bit of Chos Malal

Little bit of Chos Malal

This is our view every morning

Dante got the Priesthood Mayor

Presidente Rodrigo. He was the president in Rincon

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Week 24 3-08-16 Plaza Hunicul

Hola!!! Thanks for all the birthday wishes!! Love you all

This week was the greatest!! We had Exequiel's baptism Saturday. It was awesome. It was such a great experience. His whole family went and his mom was crying and I know she felt the spirit. His whole family is ready for the gospel. I love that dude. He is talking about going on a mission and his testimony is already so strong. He is not only an investigator but a great friend now. He is a fan of Boca so i gave him my Boca jersey!! He is awesome. After his baptism we went to his house to eat and hung out. At night we went to Flia. Castillo and she had a party for my birthday. It was super awesome. They are the greatest. We then had transfers and I got transferred to Chos Malal...I'm sad to leave Plaza but I have been wanting to go to Chos! So I'm excited!

So on Sunday, Church was super good. Exequiel gave his testimony and it was awesome. The spirit was super strong in the meeting. I'm going to miss everyone there. They are all super awesome members. We visited members after church and Flia Sanhueza made me another cake and she also cut my hair haha ( this time she had a machine and it was better hahahah) It started to rain when we left her house and Vally and i got soaked!! It was hard to say goodbye to everyone. Monday I didn't leave for Chos Malal until 7 so i had all PD in Plaza. We had lunch with Exequiel and his family and his mom made me a cake!! It was super good. Exequiel then gave me a different Boca jersey and a bracelet. He is awesome. We played futbol for the last time and then went back to Exequiel's house and said good bye to Diego. I got here super late last night and today was my first day here. It's super cool. Its a small town. The church is a group and only has like 18 people. The leader is a new member and was baptized only 7 months back. I'm excited to work here. My new comp is Elder Stuart. He is from Utah and arrived in Argentina the same time as me but served one transfer in Texas. It should interesting haha 

I forgot so, here for birthdays. They throw flour and eggs at you so when I was in the shower Valley threw flour at me hahaha

Well i love you all and miss you. Hope you all have a great week.

Elder Nielson

the Baptism of Exequiel!!!

My three birthday partys
Familia Sanhueza

 and then family of Exequiel

Liro Baquer and Juana 

The Family Sanhueza

Thiago Baquer hahah