Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 26 3-21-16 Chos Malal


This week was super good!! First off we went to Rincon which was  a 3 an a half hour drive and 2 hours was on a dirt road. Dante drove us and it was actually really cool. We got to see the campo of Argentina! The zone meeting was really cool. I got to see Elder Bursack and also Hno. Mendez. For one of the things Elder Stuart had to bob for apples. It was awesome. Elder Stuart and I are getting along super good now. The first week was just different and now we are teaching and having a ton of fun!!! 

So we had an awesome miracle this week!! Monday we had this feeling that we should pass by an investigator. We passed by and she has had cancer so she couldn't go to church. We gave her a blessing because she was going to the doctor the next day. In the zone meeting she sent us a message and said that it text were super super good!!! It was great and then she came to church Sunday!! We have seen a ton of little miracles here but this one was huge!!! I also got to give a talk and Elder Stuart taught the lesson so yeah i think we will be doing a lot hahah.

Funny story, We passed by an investigator and it was cold outside. OH yeah its starting to get cold here.....I'm not a fan hahaha So we go inside and he makes a drink. We thought it was going to be mate cocido or something . He brought us coffee and we look at one another and are like sorry but we cant drink this. He was super nice about it and brought us a different drink. hahaha well miss and love you all!!

The kids have so much fun here with so little! I have tried to apply the stuff from Bednar. I'm glad Kate is doing good. Its weird that shes driving. That's weird that school is coming to an end. The school here just started...its crazy that its been 6 months! I dont always feel that assistance but most of the time yes and when i do the lessons are always the best!!

Dad, yeah the group is below a branch. so we are apart of the Rincon branch! Its going to be a cool experience. We had an investigator ask if she could give her a baby a name in church and I had to look in the manual for it and we ended up calling the President in Rincon. 

Elder Nielson

My comp bobbing for Apples!! hahaha

Our Zone 
A volcano thats next to Chos

Photos from driving to Rincon!

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