Monday, July 31, 2017

Week 97 7-31-17 San Martin de los Andes

Well this week was super crazy!
Elder Zalar came with his new comp who is was training and his comp had some problems. He didn't want to be in the mission and we tried to help him but at the end he and Elder Zalar went to Neuquen and he is going to be home. It was super sad and frustrating because we know that the mission is the best thing that he could have done. Hopefully he can return to the mission later:)

We found new investigators that are super awesome. We found a less active who wants to go back to the church and her boyfriend is interested in the gospel. They are like 20 but already have 2 kids. They are really great but are going to have to get married. We also put a fecha with Enzo for the 12th!!!! He is a capo. 

Tonight we have to go to Neuquen for a training for leaders and then we have to stay until wednesday so i can do my ID....but yeah!!

Well i love you all!!!

Elder Nielson

Friday, July 28, 2017

Week 96 7-24-17 San Martin de los Andes

Baptism of Kiara!!!!

Por fin!!!
Kiara was baptized. It was a little crazy. She had asked a hermano to baptize her and like 15 minutes before the baptism. His wife came and said that he was sick and couldn't come. Kiaras dad said we may had to wait for another day. I was like NOOOO. Another girl was getting baptized and Bishop was baptizing her so i was like the Bishop can do it. He was like im going to think! He called me over after 5 minutes and said Do you want to baptize today??? I was like Yayy!! So i found a jumpsuit in the church and i was able to do it. It was super special!!!  We brought empanadas after to celebrate and I ate one that had deer meat. It was good:)
We had to go to Junin to do an interview which was super good. They are had 2 baptisms this week too!! 

On Sunday, we had our investigator Enzo come to church finally!!! It was great. He is going to be baptized soon! 

We also had transfers and i will be finishing my last transfer here in San Martin with Elder Nevins. I pretty siked and ready to work a ton. Love you alll!!!

Elder Nielson

Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 95 7-17-17 San Martin de los Andes

Sorry i forgot to write my letter last week!!!

This week was pretty crazy!! I had to go to Neuquen for 3 day to renew my ID becasue I'm illegal right on the edge. I got back Thursday in the middle of the night and it has already snowed a good amount. Friday we couldn't leave because it snowed all day and we got like 1 and half feet. The power was also out for 3 days....We had the baptism of Kiara for Saturday but we had to move it for the next week... :( We worked on Saturday, we went an visited Melani and her mom made torta fritas, pan con Chicharrón, and mate cocido. It was great. Melani wants to get baptised just needs to go to church....  On Sunday we hitch hiked to get to church and we then had to shovel out all of the snow. I can now say that it sucks to live in the snow because i have had to do everything hahah We had a the sacrament meeting only and then was like 20 people.  It was really short but good. Not a lot happened this week but yeah!! We have transfers this week but I think I'm going to stay here for my last transfer. Well I love you guys!!

Pizza Libre with Elder Meteer from Califonia, Elder Argyle and Elder Frassetto

Monday, July 10, 2017

Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 93 7-03-17 San Martin de los Andes

This week was crazy with all the changes. On Thursday, President called us and my comp got called as assistant. I was in a trio for a little bit and my new comp got here on Friday at like 10 in the night. My new comp is Elder Nevins from Alabama. A good o'l country guy haha .

In church we had Kiara and Valeria who are progressing a lot. Valeria started the papers to get divorced so they are just waiting for them to get back. It should be like 3 weeks but hopefully sooner. Kiara is getting baptized the 15th and she is great. We are also working with Melani who is the daughter of another less active. She is awesome and understands a lot but just needs to go to church. The ward is doing really good and the zone too. This week we could have 5 baptisms!!! We just need to work a ton.

Well i miss and love you guys!!!! 

Elder Nielson