Friday, July 28, 2017

Week 96 7-24-17 San Martin de los Andes

Baptism of Kiara!!!!

Por fin!!!
Kiara was baptized. It was a little crazy. She had asked a hermano to baptize her and like 15 minutes before the baptism. His wife came and said that he was sick and couldn't come. Kiaras dad said we may had to wait for another day. I was like NOOOO. Another girl was getting baptized and Bishop was baptizing her so i was like the Bishop can do it. He was like im going to think! He called me over after 5 minutes and said Do you want to baptize today??? I was like Yayy!! So i found a jumpsuit in the church and i was able to do it. It was super special!!!  We brought empanadas after to celebrate and I ate one that had deer meat. It was good:)
We had to go to Junin to do an interview which was super good. They are had 2 baptisms this week too!! 

On Sunday, we had our investigator Enzo come to church finally!!! It was great. He is going to be baptized soon! 

We also had transfers and i will be finishing my last transfer here in San Martin with Elder Nevins. I pretty siked and ready to work a ton. Love you alll!!!

Elder Nielson

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