Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week 35 5-24-16 Neuquen Progreso

Another week of rain!!

Everyone says that its super weird that its raining this much. I hate it. haha As a missionary its the worst but we are still working a lot!
On Tuesday we had intercambios with the other elders. I was with Elder Vergara that's from Chile. It was cool to be with a Latino for a little bit. It's nice to feel comfortable with the people and not have to worry about not understanding something. We had a pretty good day and taught a couple lessons.

On Thursday we had interviews with Presidente Casariego. They went really good. We actually talked a lot. He asked if i could talk with the people and members with a new missionary and I said yes! So I think I may be training this next transfer. Oh yeah transfers are this week so we will see what happens....

Well yesterday we had some really good contacts and we have a cita with one of them today so we will see how it goes with that. The work is going good here. A little slow but its picking up. I have faith in this area. 

Re: The Gaucho outfit. Most of the  people that work in the fields where it. It's a native thing.

Well I love you all!!

Elder Nielson

Yerko our mission leader is moving to Boliva.....
He was the best member and was excited for the mission work

Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 34 5-16-16 Neuquen Progreso

Hey this week was a lot better than last week!! It rained almost all week but we taught a lot more. We still don't have more strong investigators but we are working and im feeling good! I think we have hard times to learn something that we need to make better. I have started to take the leader more and its helped my confience and my abilitad to talk with people .i spelled that really bad hahah
This week we set higher goals and worked really hard to make them and we did. Its so true when we do it with all of our strength. God with help us with the rest.
Something interesting that happened was on Friday night i got bite by a mosquito. My hand swelled up a ton and it stayed swelled till Sunday...Now its all good but it was a little scary.
The weather has been sucking. Its been raining or cloud and its really cold. Everyone said that this isn't normal but it sucks!!

Well that was my week!!
Elder Nielson

Our Zone

Some giant empanada thing

My hand!

A belt buckle i got

Trying out my boots!! Worked great and dont hurt now

and a little late easter thing that opfar had

Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 33 5-9-16 Neuquen Progreso

This week was another hard one but I know this next week is going to be great. It rained a lot which didn't help and it seemed like everyone was rejecting us but we did have some miracles. We found a new investigator that is super good. She goes to a different church but we taught her the first lesson and she accepted everything and said that she was going to read and pray about the BOM. I think she has a lot of potential.
Another one was we found an old investigator of Elder Opfar that has everything but just has dudas (doubts) about God because he has had a hard life. We talked with him a lot and put another cita so we will see with him. This month our mission president gave the whole mission a challenge of baptizing 2 people for every companionship. We are working really hard for this and i know we can do it with faith!!
Well i hope you guys have a great week!!
Elder Nielson

Luis Campos!! He is a new member

My egg i made with peppers and stuff

The streets here

My guacho clothes hahaha

My guacho clothes hahaha

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week 32 5-3-16 Neuquen Progreso

This week was a little rough. We don't have any good investigators so we visited a ton of people. We ended up finding 5 new people this week so hope we can find them again this week. We had a conference with Elder Gonazales. It was super good. He really helped us with the problems that we have in the mission and didn't just talk to us. He is the president of the area South America. The end of the week was good and had some really good lessons.

My comp and I made quesadillas  and chips with salsa! It was super good and the salsa was spicy. Here in Argentina nothing is spicy....

Well this week was pretty boring! One funny story is we knocked this door and this old guy opened the door and didnt say anything and waved his finger and just closed the door.....hahaha I just started laughing.

Well i love you all!!

Elder Nielson

I got to see Elder Valenzuela. He goes home this transfer