Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 34 5-16-16 Neuquen Progreso

Hey this week was a lot better than last week!! It rained almost all week but we taught a lot more. We still don't have more strong investigators but we are working and im feeling good! I think we have hard times to learn something that we need to make better. I have started to take the leader more and its helped my confience and my abilitad to talk with people .i spelled that really bad hahah
This week we set higher goals and worked really hard to make them and we did. Its so true when we do it with all of our strength. God with help us with the rest.
Something interesting that happened was on Friday night i got bite by a mosquito. My hand swelled up a ton and it stayed swelled till Sunday...Now its all good but it was a little scary.
The weather has been sucking. Its been raining or cloud and its really cold. Everyone said that this isn't normal but it sucks!!

Well that was my week!!
Elder Nielson

Our Zone

Some giant empanada thing

My hand!

A belt buckle i got

Trying out my boots!! Worked great and dont hurt now

and a little late easter thing that opfar had

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