Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 53 9-26-16 Centenario

Well this week was really good!

We worked really hard this week! We had a lot of good lessons and found a couple new people!

Jose Luis and Milagros got confirmed on sunday so that was awesome. We also put a fecha with Jazmin for the 8th. She is super awesome. She goes to church every sunday so we just need to teach up and help up gain a testimony. 

We did exchanges this week too. I went to Cinco Saltos and was with Elder Jensen and Bramel! Two gringos so i was able to talk in english after almost 6 weeks haha Its was weird and i actually talked more in spanish haha 

Besides that not much! For Pday today we went to the Dique again with the Hermanas. We saw a couple other cool spots and had a good day. I also got my hair cut and lets just say. They cut a little more then normal hahah

Well miss and love you alll!!!

Elder Nielson

Friday, September 23, 2016

Week 52 9-19-16 Centenario

This week was super great!!!

We had the wedding and baptism over the Flia. Jerez! Friday they got married and it was a super cool experience. They were super happy and then Saturday only Jose Luis and his daughter Milagros got baptized but Daysi is super ready, just has a couple of things that we need to help her with. The baptism was super awesome! It was great to help them take this step closer to god.

We also found a couple of our other investigators. We have Ana that is super good we just need to teach her more. Jazmin is the same. She is the girlfriend of a member and she goes to church but we can only teach her once a week. 

On Sunday we had lunch with Fabian and he made Chesse was sooo good hahah We also did Pday with him and we went to 5 different places. His dad drove us so we could go to all the different places. We went to Lago Pillegrini and a couple other cool places!! We went to the Dique and a Mirador with a giant Virgen Maria!! It was a super cool Pday.

Well love and miss you all!!!

Elder Nielson

Lago Pilligrini

Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 51 9-12-16 Centenario

This week was really good!
We had a lot of good lessons and found some really good new investigators. We are still working with the Flia. Jerez. They are going to get married this Friday and then Saturday in the morning are going to get baptized. Jose Jerez is super ready. He has changed a ton and its awesome to see how the gospel can help us with our life. We also have Jazmin. She is the girlfriend of a member. She is from Spain but is living here for like 2 months. She is going to church and we are teaching her. She is super awesome. We had a really good week.
Elder Garcia and I also did service for Fabain. We had to take a tree trunk out. haha It was super fun. On Sunday i woke up sick...we went to Stake Conference which was in Neuquen. It was in my old church. It was cool to be able to see everyone. I got to see Elder Shupe too. I love that dude haha He is training a Mexican right now. After we had cinnamon rolls with Fabian. I was feeling really sick but we had a cita with the daughter in law of a member so we went and after the member and Elder Garcia gave me a blessing. We had two other citas that day and i still didn't feel 100 percent but I had the strength to teach and get though the day. I know that the priesthood is true and that we can use it to do miracles! Today for Pday we made Tacos which were really good. Hermana Rodriguez is from Mexico so she made them really good. I was in charge of the tortillas just like at home haha We then played card games!! It was a good day!

Well i love and miss you alll!!!

Elder Nielson  

American breakfast with Fabian!!!

Elder Garcia and I with a bunny!!

The river with part of my District ( Hermana Nieto y Hermana Aguilar) and Fabian!!

Costa Reyes

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week 50 9-5-16 Centenario

This week was really good! 

We had a Zone Training that was really good. I got to see Elder Martinez. He has one more transfer after this. He is super good. 
We visited a lot of member this week. The members are super awesome here. We are working with them a lot here. We have the Flia. Jerez that have a fecha for the 17th of September. We are working with them much and they are doing really good. We had a really good talk with them on Tuesday. We went and they were really bad. We helped them with all the problems they had and God was really with us. I didn't know what to do but the spirit helped us and now they are really good. 

We went to Costa Reyes which is a small little town out of Centenario. Its super cool. Its right now next to the river. We have a couple of investigators there and they are really awesome. Today we went to the river with Fabian( A member) and the Hermamas Nieto and Aguilar that are in my district. It was really fun. Its super pretty there!! Well I love and miss you all!! 

Elder Nielson

No Pictures this week. Apparently the computer didn't have a USB port. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Week 49 9-1-16 Centenario

This place is awesome!!

We already have some really awesome investigators and the members are really cool. We have the Family Jerez that is going to get married and then baptized in September. They are capos! We have a bigger area but I like it lot. I did my first bautismal interview and it was really good. We had to go to Cinco Saltos which is like 20 minutes in bus. Cinco Saltos is in the provencia of Rio Negro. Its really cool being a district leader. Its cool being able to help more people. I have 6 people in my district and all are hermanas and latinas!! haha The work is really good here. We are working hard.

Elder Garcia is from Pucallpa, Peru. We are getting along really good. Its been kind of weird but I have to talk spanish all the time. With my other comps we always talked English and Spanish. The ward is really good too. A lot of members that are willing to help us. We also just got a mission leader so that's awesome. Well i love you all and miss you!!!

Elder Nielson


Elder Garcia