Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week 48 8-22-16 Transfers

So I got transferred!!!

I'm in Centenario which is like 30 minutes from my last area. I'm the district leader and my comp is Elder Garcia from Peru and he just finished his training. It's a small little town but I'm excited to be here. It's right by the river so that should be cool. It should be a good area. I have heard a lot of good things about it! Elder Shupe is going to Train so that's pretty sweet. He was a super cool comp.

This last week was good. We had an activity with the church and we did a skit. It was super good skit but only like 10 people showed up....it was still fun.we also ate dinner with Naza again( our neighbor). We made homemade pasta that was super good!! We ended up just visiting families Saturday and Sunday because we got transfer calls on Friday this time. Also the activity was a talent show so we invited some jugglers from off the street to come. They showed up 2 hours late haha but they did a little show for us that was cool.

Yeah not a lot this week haha i will tell you guys more about my area next week and how everything is!!

Love and miss you all!!

Elder Nielson

With Alexis paz!!

Naza and Gaby haha

With Hector!

Elder Shupe


Elder Coyle is going to Bariloche!!


Flia. Carransa

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Week 47 8-15-16 Neuquen Progreso

This week we had to go to the hospital like 4 times. The system here sucks. haha On Monday, In the afternoon we went to the hospital because Shupe had an ingrown toenail. We wait for like 2 hours and they ended up telling us we had to go to another place. We went to that place in the morning and we had to put an appointment to go back the next day. We went the next day and the doctor was like I don't have the stuff to do it here. You guys have to go to my office in Neuquen Central. We went there the next day and there took it out. It was super ghetto hahaha
We had a hard time finding our investigators. We put citas with them and we go and they aren't there...so have been looking for new investigators and yesterday we found a lady that is super prepared. She had gone to our church before so we just need to help her realize that this is the true church.
Saturday we got home and our neighbor (Naza) was doing an Asado. We were outside working out and talking to him. He is a super funny dude. We go inside to get ready for bed and he knocks on the door and is like hey we are going to eat right now. So we got an asado with him. The next we did hamburgers with him and we did the fire and everything. They turned out super good!!!!
Well that's my week! We have transfers this week so we will see what happens!! Miss and love you all!!
Elder Nielson

Shupes toe hahaha

Luis put me on his wall!! haha

Some more Alfajors that i got!!

The hamburgers!!

Naza and Gaby!!

Neuquen Central

Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 46 8-8-16 Neuquen Progreso

This week was hard but good!! We really had to push ourselves! We started off the week and couldn't find any of our investigadores. We had a couple lessons and it ended up been a pretty good week! We ended up helping Progreso B out this week with a couple citas they had!

We ended up fasting with Luis to help him stop smoking! We did it Friday to Saturday and then Saturday we had lunch with him. We make hamburgers with rice. It was super good. Shupe and I also made cinnamon rolls and bread! We made this garlic and oregano bread.....it was super good!!! haha 

We also had a cita with Monica. She has 3 kids. One is called Thaigo. He is like 5-6 and super funny! We were teaching Monica and he comes up and says "why are you guys talking English Chinese?" We all just started dying laughing!! It was just funny. He always got mad at me because I was talking to him in usted. He was like, "why don't you talk in Vos?" 

Well i love and miss you all!!! 

Elder Nielson

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Week 45 8-1-16 Neuquen Progreso

Hey guys!!
This week was a little weird. The others in an area next to us got there area closed so they were staying with us and we were helping them with stuff. We had exchanges with the Zone Leaders and Elder Jaurez came with me. He was my district leader in Chos Malal so it was cool to be with him again. I love that dude. He is super awesome. We found Matias finally. We had a good lesson with him so I'm hoping we can help him progress. We have been finding a lot of new people but its been hard to find them home again. Our area is doing good and we have a  missionary leader that is super awesome. He has been helping us a ton. Hermano Caransa!! He is awesome.

Funny story we were cleaning the church and Shupe broke the vacuum and he rewired it but did it wrong so when he plugged it in, he blew the fuse and all the lights went off hahaha.  We ended up fixing it and it was all good!!

 I got my hair cut from a member this week so I'm looking more like a missionary now haha It rained a little bit this week  but it was a good week!!

This week I also made breakfast tacos!!! Eggs potatoes and chorizo!!! They were awesome!!!

I love and miss you all!!!

Elder Nielson

My breakfast!!

We cooked like bosses!!! With Tweet Cola!! Its a knock off from Neuquen haha

Elder Shupe and I on top of a cliff

Elder Shupe broke the vacuum