Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 46 8-8-16 Neuquen Progreso

This week was hard but good!! We really had to push ourselves! We started off the week and couldn't find any of our investigadores. We had a couple lessons and it ended up been a pretty good week! We ended up helping Progreso B out this week with a couple citas they had!

We ended up fasting with Luis to help him stop smoking! We did it Friday to Saturday and then Saturday we had lunch with him. We make hamburgers with rice. It was super good. Shupe and I also made cinnamon rolls and bread! We made this garlic and oregano was super good!!! haha 

We also had a cita with Monica. She has 3 kids. One is called Thaigo. He is like 5-6 and super funny! We were teaching Monica and he comes up and says "why are you guys talking English Chinese?" We all just started dying laughing!! It was just funny. He always got mad at me because I was talking to him in usted. He was like, "why don't you talk in Vos?" 

Well i love and miss you all!!! 

Elder Nielson

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