Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Week 44 7-25-16 Neuquen Progreso

This week was super good!

We found a lot of new and old investigators. We put another baptism fecha with Franco. We found him like 3 weeks ago but after he was never home. We found him on Friday and the kid is super ready. He understands everything and its super awesome. We also had an activity with the ward this Saturday that was super good. We also passed by an old contact and he was like come in. He told us that he had just been reading about our church. We taught him and gave him a BOM. We have a cita with him this week so we will see!!

They had tacos but they weren't like the tacos in the states hahah We also had to go to Plottier twice this week. Its about 20 minutes from Neuquen in bus. We went the first time for a training with the zone and then we went again for a meeting with the leaders. Elder Herrick is in my zone now and he seems to be doing really good. 

So with the snow. Saturday night it was raining and sunday monday we leave to go to church and we walk outside and its snowing!!! It wasnt sticking on the ground but it was still snowing!!!! It was pretty cool but it was freezing!! 

So our neighbor went to chile this last week and before he left I asked him to get me a Dr. Pepper because they don't have it here. He came back Saturday night and he had a Dr. Pepper. I drank it Sunday and it was the best thing in the world. Dr. Pepper is the best soda in the world!! 

Well this was our week!! Love and miss you all!!

Elder Nielson

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Week 43 7-18-16 Neuquen Progreso

This week was good!! 

It really cold and we got poured on. We were soaked haha We found a new investigator called Natch!! She is super awesome. We have another cita with her this week so we will see how everything is going. She has a lot of interest to learn. We found some of our other investigators and put a fecha with Nico for next month. He is a super cool kid.
Elder Shupe is super good. We have been running every morning so thats been good but its been kicking my butt. We are working really hard so hopefully we should have a really good week.
Nothing else really happened. We had a guy ask if we knew how to pray haha That was a fun experience haha Well i hope everything is going good! Love and miss you all
Elder Nielson

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Week 42 7-11-16 Neuquen Progreso

4th of July, Asados, 9th of July y Transfers

This week we had a lot happen. With the work not so much. I don't know what it was but we couldn't find anyone. We did find a new investigator that was super good so we will see. So to start off. We had transfers this week and Elder Opfar finished his mission!! Im going to miss that dude. I'm staying in my area and my new comp is Elder Shupe. We were comps in the MTC!! It should be fun.

4th of July we had Pollo Disco and played futbol with the whole Zone. It was super fun!! We also took some sweet picture with the Argentina and American flag. 

I also have an Alfajor collection! I have a ton of different ones. This week I found one that they only make in Bariloche. It cost me 25 pesos but it was super super good!!

In the week we had 2 asados with families because Opfar was leaving. They were super good. I love asado. Its the best. Also on Saturday for the 9th of July(Independence day for Argentina) we made Locro and torta fritas with the ward. It was super good. I have a ton of pictures from this week hahah Well thats about it this week. Love and miss you all!!

Elder Nielson

Empanadas with Luis

An alfajor that i got to add to my collect. It was expensive 

Our Asado with Naza( our neighbor) It was super good!!!


Elder Opfar 

Elder Lopez and Elder Vergara! Elder Vergara left this transfer:(

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Week 41 7-4-16 Neuquen Progreso

This week was alright. We had a lot of appointments that fell through. We found a couple of new people that are super good. One is Franco. We taught his dad like last week and then we passed by again and he was there. He is like 22. We ended up teaching him lesson 1 and he loved it. He said he is going to play futbol with us so we will see!!
Also sunday after church we had this guy show up in the church. He was an investigator from another city. He is living in our area now and he has already read the whole book of mormon and gone to church 2 or 3 times so we could have a baptism this saturday!! It would be an awesome miracle!!
The rest of my week was good. Elder Opfar and I bought long sleeve Argentina jerseys!! They are super cool and we got them cheap!! I am also Argentinian now!! I got my DNI!!
Well love you guys!!!
Elder Nielson