Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 75 2-27-17 Centenario

We finally that people to the church!!!

So this week we had Elias and Susana in the church!!! YAYYY!! Finally! We have been working so hard for this. you don't even know!! The only problem with them for baptism is that he has to get divorced and then get married with Susana....but we are going to give it all!

Carmen...we had a lesson with her almost everyday this week and we also have been teaching her son Jose. We were able to put a fecha with her on Friday and she was doing awesome and understood that she had to read and pray....thats the thing is that she isn't reading..): On Saturday we went by to talk about going to church and she tells us that she asked her friend if she could go to church and her friend( background story is that she is a pastor.....) and she started to cry and say how Carmen can't leave her right now we are at like nothing.... it sucks because she is soo ready!!!  

We had a super cool experience...we went to the store and Nicolas the police there came and asked us for a BOM and we put a cita with him. We go to his house and he is a Jew but wants to learn about Jesus Christ. He had found a pamphlet in a shopping cart and no one took it so he took it home. We had a really good lesson with him but cool story how he got to know the church!!

Well i love you all!!!!

Elder Nielson

We had Zone Conference! 

Elder Shumway is black because lost a game!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week 74 2-20-17 Centenario

This week was Elder Shumways birthday so I made him breakfast and also threw flour at him when he was in the shower hahah #Argentina

We were able to find Samuel finally. We found him the last hour on's super awesome to see the change in his face already. He is moving houses which is great and today we have a cita with him!!

We also found another super cool investigator named Facundo. He is the son of a contract that we have talked to a lot but havent been able to teach her because she always has people over. Facundo is 17 but has problems with sex addicions and drugs but he wants to stop everything. We taught him on tuesday and then Friday we taught him again. When  we got there he had the BOM opened and had read the chapter we left. We have a super awesome lesson. The spirit was soo strong and he is just super awesome. 

So funny thing that happened was that it was super windy one day and I had my hat we were walking it flew off and I took off running and I got it:) we were then walking about from a lesson and it flew off again. This time I was running and slide and the wind picked it up again it and kept on flying. Elder Shumway had it in his hats and the wind took it again hahaha I finally got it and we were both super tried hahaha 

The area is really great and we are finding a lot of people to teach! I'm super happy right now!!! love and miss you guys!!

Elder Nielson

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Week 73 2-13-17 Centenario

So this week we had so many citas day we had every hour with a cita and then fell but we also had some miracles!!! One day when everything fell we contacted a house that was pretty much just wood put up as a house. A dude came out named Samuel. He was drunk and started to tell us his life. He is caught up with a ton of drugs, alchocol, and smoking!! We talked about the Atonement of Jesus Cristo and he told us that he wanted to change. We left and i was praying that he really wanted to change but i have had this happen with drunk people before. The next day we have our citas fall so we when and sat down on the curb. As we were sitting there, Samuel came up and was like HEy my friends!! He told us that he told all his family that he wanted to stop.They all made fun of him and a ton of other stuff but we told him that he could do it!! It was super awesome to help him! I hope we can find him again.

Another story was that we saw a pitbull attacking a little dog so we ran over and this girl was smacking it with a stick. It wasn't letting go so I just started to kick the crap out of it. It let go and after my heart was pumping hahaha 

The funnest thing happened this week hahahah We were getting ready to leave and as we go to pray Elder Shumway does not have his tie on hahaha I started to laugh and he was like what and I said nothing haha we walked outside and I couldn't hold it. I started dying and was like Elder are you missing something. He looked down and was like Crap!! I laughed so hard!!!

Well I love you all!!

Elder Nielson

How should i fit this ? hahaha

Super awesome Sunset!! I love the sunsets. It's probably one of my favorite things

Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 72 2-6-17 Centenario

Youre not going to believe it.....

So this week we had transfers and I'm staying here in Centenario with Elder Shumway!! Transfer number 5!!! Im thinking about buying a house here:) hahah

This week was a long hard one but we really got to see the fruits!! We were able to find a lot of new people and put 4 new fechas for March! One is Juan who talked with missionaries when he was like 15 he is 19 now. He has a smoking problem but he really wants to learn and change. We got him to read and pray with us which was awesome!!!  With Carmen she was house sitting so we never got a chance to have a sit down lesson with her...

I also got to do a Baptismal Interview for the Zone Leaders. We had to drive like 50 minutes in bus to get to his house and when we were coming back the bus broke down about 3-4 miles from the city. We got out and tried to hitchhike but no one stopped so we ended up walking back hahahah It was an adventure!!

I love you all!!!

Elder Nielson


Week 71 1-30-17 Centenario

Hey guys!!

This week we got to experience 108 degrees in Centenario. It was lovely and sucked hahah It was actually a super good week. We got to find some new investigators and help our investigators progress. We have our investigator Carmen that really opened up to us and we can now really help her. She has like 73 years and she says that she believes in everything but its hard for her to change churches. She is afraid that she is going to lose friends. She is really awesome! We had a lesson with the spirit really strong which was awesome.

We also had the changes in the mission but I'm not going to write them because I know that all the other missionaries are going to write about them hahaha

We also have changes this week so we will see what happens......I have 6 months here but I'm also training....till next week!!

I love you all!!

Elder Nielson

I also got to see Dante from Chos Malal it was super super awesome!!!