Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 72 2-6-17 Centenario

Youre not going to believe it.....

So this week we had transfers and I'm staying here in Centenario with Elder Shumway!! Transfer number 5!!! Im thinking about buying a house here:) hahah

This week was a long hard one but we really got to see the fruits!! We were able to find a lot of new people and put 4 new fechas for March! One is Juan who talked with missionaries when he was like 15 he is 19 now. He has a smoking problem but he really wants to learn and change. We got him to read and pray with us which was awesome!!!  With Carmen she was house sitting so we never got a chance to have a sit down lesson with her...

I also got to do a Baptismal Interview for the Zone Leaders. We had to drive like 50 minutes in bus to get to his house and when we were coming back the bus broke down about 3-4 miles from the city. We got out and tried to hitchhike but no one stopped so we ended up walking back hahahah It was an adventure!!

I love you all!!!

Elder Nielson


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