Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 75 2-27-17 Centenario

We finally that people to the church!!!

So this week we had Elias and Susana in the church!!! YAYYY!! Finally! We have been working so hard for this. you don't even know!! The only problem with them for baptism is that he has to get divorced and then get married with Susana....but we are going to give it all!

Carmen...we had a lesson with her almost everyday this week and we also have been teaching her son Jose. We were able to put a fecha with her on Friday and she was doing awesome and understood that she had to read and pray....thats the thing is that she isn't reading..): On Saturday we went by to talk about going to church and she tells us that she asked her friend if she could go to church and her friend( background story is that she is a pastor.....) and she started to cry and say how Carmen can't leave her right now we are at like nothing.... it sucks because she is soo ready!!!  

We had a super cool experience...we went to the store and Nicolas the police there came and asked us for a BOM and we put a cita with him. We go to his house and he is a Jew but wants to learn about Jesus Christ. He had found a pamphlet in a shopping cart and no one took it so he took it home. We had a really good lesson with him but cool story how he got to know the church!!

Well i love you all!!!!

Elder Nielson

We had Zone Conference! 

Elder Shumway is black because lost a game!!

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