Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 76 3-06-17 Centenario

Birthday week!

So to start off with my birthday.. Saturday night I bought Asado with a big Coke!! Sunday we went to Fabian's house and we had tea and cake for breakfast hahah The cake was super sick!! In the night we had an ice cake that Elder Shumway bought me and the Hermanas( Simkins, Cardenas, and Littieri) So it was a pretty great birthday!!

The week was good too. We had a cool experience were we contacted a dude(Eduado) in the street and he was like how did you guys know i needed help. We ended up going to a bench and talking a little and helped him. He said we can go by his house so it should be awesome! 

We have had a hard time finding some of our investigators but we did teach Elias and he is going to start working on the papers to get divorced and married again....he is awesome. 

We also got to teach Carmen's son David. He is evangelico but we were able to help him a ton with everything. We taught him like 3 times this week and the spirit was super strong. He has a problem believing that our church is the same church that Jesus had because he doesnt see a big importants in the churchs. 

Well i love you!!!

Elder Nielson

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