Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Week 73 2-13-17 Centenario

So this week we had so many citas fall......one day we had every hour with a cita and then fell but we also had some miracles!!! One day when everything fell we contacted a house that was pretty much just wood put up as a house. A dude came out named Samuel. He was drunk and started to tell us his life. He is caught up with a ton of drugs, alchocol, and smoking!! We talked about the Atonement of Jesus Cristo and he told us that he wanted to change. We left and i was praying that he really wanted to change but i have had this happen with drunk people before. The next day we have our citas fall so we when and sat down on the curb. As we were sitting there, Samuel came up and was like HEy my friends!! He told us that he told all his family that he wanted to stop.They all made fun of him and a ton of other stuff but we told him that he could do it!! It was super awesome to help him! I hope we can find him again.

Another story was that we saw a pitbull attacking a little dog so we ran over and this girl was smacking it with a stick. It wasn't letting go so I just started to kick the crap out of it. It let go and after my heart was pumping hahaha 

The funnest thing happened this week hahahah We were getting ready to leave and as we go to pray Elder Shumway does not have his tie on hahaha I started to laugh and he was like what and I said nothing haha we walked outside and I couldn't hold it. I started dying and was like Elder are you missing something. He looked down and was like Crap!! I laughed so hard!!!

Well I love you all!!

Elder Nielson

How should i fit this ? hahaha

Super awesome Sunset!! I love the sunsets. It's probably one of my favorite things

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