Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 25 3-14-16 Chos Malal

I dont know what the deal is with getting a new area or new comp hahaha The president now changes everyone hahah This is also my second white wash so I don't know hahah Its whatever.

So Chos Malal is super awesome. The leaders of the Zona gave us a challege to get 21 lessons our first week. We prayed and worked super hard and his week we had 21 lessons which is freakin awesome. The lord was on our side. The people are super nice and always invite us in. Its a little like Rincon but different. I'm super excited to be here!! We found a ton of good people. The church is new here so a lot of people don't know much about it. Its cool that we get to introduce the people to the gospel. Its a super pretty area too. Its surrounded by mountains and has a river. For baptismos they do it in the river!!! My dream hahah

For church its only 2 hours and everyone is together. We have sunday school and sacrament  Us and the leader are in charge and a other lady Alicia teachers sunday school. Its super small group. This 
Sunday Dante got the priesthood mayor so Presidente Casariego was there and also the leaders from Rincon. It was super cool. It was nice to see the leaders from Rincon. We are also going to Rincon tomorrow so hopefully I can go visit some people!!

My comp is good but different. He likes to take charge and we get along but there are things he does that kill me hahah , he is a good guy. 

Its a super cool area and I'm glad to be here!!! Love you miss you all!

Elder Nielson

The Church! 

The Family Sifuentes!!

Little bit of Chos Malal

Little bit of Chos Malal

This is our view every morning

Dante got the Priesthood Mayor

Presidente Rodrigo. He was the president in Rincon

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