Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week 82 4-17-17 Esquel

President Nelson came to Neuquén!!!

This week was super awesome because we got to hear from President Nelson, an Apostle of God!!! We had to take a 16 hour bus ride, picking up all the Elders in the south so I got to see a ton of places which was sweet. It was weird because I didn't know like anyone on the bus because they were all new missionaries.
In Neuquen we stayed in a sweet hotel and I fell in love with everything!! We all go to shake Elder Nelson's hand which was a super cool experience. After I felt a spirit that was super strong!! His talk was super great but the coolest thing that he said was that  he told us that he had a visit from President Hinckley in the night.......WHAT???  He is a prophet of god!!! He then gave us an Apostolic blessing which I had heard about before but to have one done to us was way way way cool!!!! Man the whole thing was awesome. I also got to see all of my old comps!! I talked with Elder Shupe a ton which was great. I love that dude haha

We also had Fabian go to church this week which is great!! He is doing really good!

Well that was pretty much the week!!!

I love you guys!!

Elder Nielson

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