Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 81 4-10-17 Esquel

This week was sweet!!

We were able to have success in our area and a ton in the district. We found a new investigator this week called Matias and we put a fecha for the 29th of April. We are still working a ton and the success will come.

Some other cool things that happened this week was that we woke up saturaday and it was super cold. Its now dark until like 9 so as we were doing studies i went to get a drink and look outside....the mountain was covered in snow!! It was super dope!! I yelled "Fa....Nieve" hahaha It ended up melting in like a day but it was pretty sweet. 

Also i got bit by a stupid dog and it ripped my nice tan pants... but yea!! I will send photos! 

Another awesome thing that is happening that I forgot to tell you guys like 3 weeks ago is that President Nelson is coming to our mission this week. The 15th of April. So we are going to have to go to Neuquén this week and we are going to take a 15 hour bus ride to pick up all the missionaries haha 

Well this should be a sweet week. Love and miss you all!!

Elder Nielson

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