Thursday, April 14, 2016

Week 29 4-11-16 Chos Malal

Hey whats up? 

This week was good. We put a fecha with Roman for the 16th so I'm hoping everything works out. He is this old guy that lives alone and is always so happy to see us. We passed by his house before church and we walked together. Church was awesome this week. We had 5 investigators. Norma and Jessica came and we did the baby blessing of Jessica's baby. That was a super cool experience. We are starting to see some success here. If everything works out with Jessica and Norma both getting married we should have 2 more baptism the following week.

Wednesday this week was the worst day.....It was super windy and dirt was all in our eyes and no one wanted to talk with us...we were super down and we get a call that we have to leave for Neuquen that night...we ended up leaving at 1:30 in the morning and getting to Neuquen at like 8. We had a training with like 4 zones and President. It was super good and it helped me get a lot more ideas for my area. I also got to see almost everyone that I got to Argentina with. When we left we missed our bus because of miscommunication so we ended up leaving at 10 at night and didn't get back to Chos until 6 in the morning so we layed down for 10 minutes and then had to start the day hahahah it wasn't horrible because our seats were cama which is bigger and go back.

Sunday was Elder Stuarts birthday. So I made him a cake and dinner. I also threw flour at him when he was in the shower because that's what they do here. Elder Valenzuela did it to me too.. hahahha 

Well thats about it this week!! Last week of the transfer. Its gone by so quick!!

Love and miss you all!!

Elder Nielson

The giant hamburger we bought!!!

Norte Zona

Group from when we got here

Elder Ortiz and Elder Motzkus 

Baby blessing of Valintin

Birthday dinner

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