Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 30 4-18-16 Chos Malal

Man so we had transfers this week and i got transferred to Neuquen Progreso!! My new comp is Elder Opfar from Texas. He seems cool. I got to Neuquen this morning at like 7 so I'm going to have a full Pday here.
This week was good. Roman didn't get baptized....because he said that he needs to prepare more..that was a bummer! We had rabbit which was actually really good hahah it was like chicken but a little different.
In church,  we had Norma and Roman!! After church we went and visited everyone. We went to Norma and Jessica. They had chivo (goat) for lunch and gave us some to take home and eat. It was super good. I was going to be bummed if i didn't get to eat chivo in Chos Malal. We went to Dante last and hung out with him. I going to miss that dude. he is awesome!! I left Chos Malal at like 1:30 at night...hahah I'm here in Neuquen right now so we will see. I'm bummed to leave Chos Malal and Elder Stuart but I guess the lord has a plan for me!!
Well love you all
Elder Nielson

We eat rabbit with Victor!

Some Chicos we met

Our district
Dante and Anabella

Emilea ( daughter of Dante)

The daughters of Alicia

Roman hahah we were like lets take a photo and he was like i want to hold these books

Norma and Jessica

The daughters of Alicia

Chivo!!! It was super good

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