Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 28 4-4-16 Chos Malal


So this week was a little crazy!! I was in Neuquen twice to do tramitas or the paper work to be legal. Its a 6 hour bus ride to Neuquen. Both days I left at like 12:30 in the night so I had to sleep on the bus. It was semi bed so it wasn't horrible. I have learned how to sleep on the buses here haha.  In Neuquen I got to see Elder Shupe and also Elder Herrick! That was super cool. Elder Herrick is in Bariloche.  He seems to be doing really good. I was happy that he is doing so good. He seems to be loving it. I also got to eat Subway which was good but i still don't think it's that great hahah The bakery has changed me.

So for General Conference we watched it in the church Live. We had a tv and a computer. The times were 1 and 5. It was really good. They talked a lot about families. As a missionary I thought that doesn't apply a lot to us but after I was thinking that we need to teach families together. I think when people have there whole family in the church it's a lot easier to stay active. Conference was good but different in Spanish. It's not the same with a different voice haha 

Well that was about it this week. It was a good week but didn't get to work a lot. My comp and I are working super hard here. We are teaching a ton. We just need to push a little more for baptisms. They are close. 

Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Nielson

Our drunk Friends hahaha 

Service we did!

Chos Malal has parrots all over the place!!

some food that Elder Stuart and I made!!!!

Cutting hair!!!

Some more cutting hair.

Elder Shupe

Sunset on the way back from Neuquen

A giant milenesa sandwich 

Elder Herrick from Upland, CA

General Conference

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