Thursday, October 29, 2015

Week 5 10-29-15 Last Week in MTC

Yeah so all the Argentina missionarys fly down on the same plane so I will be with him!(Andrew Moore  That will be fun. There is going to be a lot of missionaries flying down to Argentina. 
So this week was pretty good. I got sick so i was sleeping a lot which was nice but sucked. Im pretty much over it so hopefully im good by monday. So monday night we had a sick jam session with all the polys up stairs! It was so much fun and nice to just chill. The MTC is all just go go go! We finished teaching our TRC investigator on friday. He was really good and I learned a lot from him. We also finished our last spanish lesson so now we are just reviewing. Its good because there is so much that i have forgotten. So monday the district A left. Which was sad because they were all so awesome. Its crazy that we leave monday. Im excited. Its going to be dope. So we have skype investigators and our last one was from mexico but she said she had friends from Neuquen. She said they have thick pieces of carne and noodles. So i should be eating good and then she said that the elders get muy gordo...cual esta no bueno. We have infield training which everyone says is horrible but i plan on going in with a good attribute. 
This week for our Tuesday night devotional we had Neil A. Anderson.  He is great. He talked about sacrifice, Opposition, adversity, and diligence. Well he talked a lot about sacrifice and how we all sacrifice something when we are on our missions. For some of us its a big sacrifice and for others its not but He said you have to sacrifice to gain something and then he said the lord will give us 1000 blessings x our sacrifice! I thought that was super cool and helps a lot being on a mission. That was like the perfect talk to hear before going out to the field. And i also got to see an Apostle so my time in the MTC is done haha 
Well thats about it this week because i was sick a lot of the time. Oh I almost forgot something big haha so every week you prepare a talk in spanish and then they pick 2 missionaries to give their talks. So this week I was luck enough to be able to give a talk...I was super nervous but everyone said it was good. So i guess i was alright. I get to start packing tonight which is crazy to think about. If the mission goes as fast as it does here i will be home in no time. Love you all and miss you! Cant wait to talk to you on monday:)

Thanks a ton! I got the backpack and sour patch kids! The backpack is dope. Its perfect. Thats awesome that Rancho killed Osos again. I miss those games, they were soo crazy! well i dont remember talking to any sister going to Rancho but I dont know. I hope teaching starts to be better with that PE class. Thats so funny what happened in the haunted house hahaha i can totally see matt being like what are you guys doing! Well im glad everything is going good and everyone is good! Keep killing it Kate!! That would be sick if you guys went undefeated. Is varsity too? Well love you all:)

Elder Shupe and I at the Provo Temple.

Elder Peterson is going to Nicaragua, He is super cool!

Hermana Hussey she is going to Nicaragua!

Last P-Day in the MTC. We played sand volleyball and the sand doesn't feel like California sand:(

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