Thursday, October 8, 2015

Week One 10-1-15 in MTC

Week One 10-1-15

Como esta? You been surfing at all? I dont know why everyone hates the MTC so bad. Its not the greatest and the food gets old hahaha but i actually like how much you learn so quickly. Like we are teaching full on lessons. its awesome. You also get to study the gospel a ton! I love it! I cant wait to get out to Argentina but im fine being here. Hey i used the Charles card and it worked so we are all good with that!  I also got one from the MTC so i guess thats how they give us money. Well I love you dad! Thanks for being a great example and getting me ready for this! It takes a lot of hard work and you taught me all about that! Well keeping enjoying that warm water! Gosh i already miss it but i know im doing the right thing right now. I got to say its weird being called Nielson instead of Dane haha Love you! Talk to you next week

Elder Nielson

 Hey everything is going good! I sent a letter so i dont know if you got it yet. Dang the carlins are so nice! (From Leah: "Kate has been speaking Spanish whenever your dad is around… She is determined to learn it so she can out speak you…lol. I think you are going to beat her on that one. " )Gosh i love Kate. Yeah im pretty sure she is going to lose that battle 9 out of 10 times!! (Other Guys joke. Kate should get it) Well the MTC is going great. My district is awesome! My companion and i are like the only people going to Neuquen, Argentina. i still havent met anyone else going there. My branch is super cool too. we are always doing stuff together. All the studying is hard but i love how much you learn and how quick you do. I was being hard on myself the other day because we taught a lesson and i couldnt tell him something because i didnt know it and then i was thinking its only been 4 days and i can teach most of a lesson in spanish. Which is super amazing!! My companion is way cool and then we have a threesome and we do like everything with them. One is a Big tongan guy named Elder Kanonoga TAA. He is awesome and reminds me of Ete. We had a devotional and a member of the seventy came named Claudio M F Costa. He was great. One thing he said was the "you can see how many seeds are in an apple but you cant see how many apples are in a seed". That was a really cool thought. He also said that once we pass the veil you get to see how many people you affected. Well the spanish is going good and im doing great. love you all:)

Elder Nielson

Andrew Moore and Dane in MTC

This is Kanonga TAA and me with another district in our branch! The girl in blue is freakin beautiful but im being a good missionary ahahahh

Temple trip on first P-day

​this is the guys in my district

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