Friday, October 23, 2015

Week 4 10-22-15 MTC

Hey guys!!

Its so crazy that its been a month!! They arent kidding when they say it flys. We get our flight plans tomorrow!! Yayy baby!! Its crazy that im going to be in Argentina in less that 2 weeks. I just want to get down there and teach already. On saturday we were looking at Neuquen and we looked up meeting houses and we go to one in the mountains and it was an apartment im pretty sure. It was soo cool! So this week this lady that works here and is from El Salvador randomly came into our classroom and I talked to her in spanish for like 10 minutes like it was nothing! it was the coolest thing ever. That was one of those moments were i was like i do know spanish because i have been questioning how good my spanish is. Well this week for our devotionals we had Chad Lewis who was a tight end for BYU and then the Eagles. His talk was soo good! He talked about how important his mission was for him and then he also told about how he climbed Mt.Kilimanjaro with some wounded warriors. He had it pretty easy because the sherpas carried everything but it is still way cool! That would be a fun one to climb! On our Tuesday devotional i sang in the choir ( i know a shock right but its actually really awesome, the spirit is just so strong its amazing) and we had Erich W. Kopischke (Of the Seventy) he talked about how important Joseph Smith is to everything. He said that "we cant teach without talking about the Prophet Joseph Smith". That was a really cool thought. So the district with Black, Peterson, Ishamm, Meza is leaving next week which is sad because i have gotten so close with them. Its also exciting that we are almost out of here too. Well this week nothing else really interested happened that i can think of right now. I love you all and miss you! I hope everything is going good at home:)

Thanks a lot! Can you send my flag too?   Yeah i got Matts email thanks! Thats sooo awesome that Kate got moved up to practice with varsity! Its the greatest feeling when you get noticed like that! Im so proud of her:) Thats soo sick perri's photo got in a contest!! Thats good that she has something to keep her busy and that she is good at!! I would do the same thing if i was perri but im sure its just cuz she misses the smell of me;) (Response to: Perri sleeping in Dane's room) I hope senior year is going good Perri! Do everything you can because it flys!! hahah Well good luck with your jobs. High school seems the funniest to me too! That's awesome that surfing was great! Yeah i want to try one of those SUPs but I have to agree surfing still looks more fun. It doesn't bum me out because i know im doing the right thing in my life right now. I forgot in that talk by Chad Lewis he said If the lord wanted you to be doing something else, you would be doing it. That just insured me that I'm doing the right thing.

Love you guys!

​Pointing at my Mission!!

​Donovan Toki! from High School.  He is going to Sacramento
This is Elder Anderson he is going to Arkansas. He is a stud

Uepi from High School holding the ties. Tie trading gets crazy!

The tie and watch that I got from trading!
(Don't worry i didn't trade my Nixon)
Elder Isham is from Hawaii and is going to Nicaragua! He is so funny haha

We decorated our whole room with Halloween stuff that we got from a district that was leaving!

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