Thursday, October 8, 2015

Week Two 10-8-15 MTC

Week Two 10-8-15  MTC

Thats so awesome!! (response to Dad, about experience of the language coming easy when there was a need) I have had some similar things happen in lessons, where the investigator will ask a question that we didnt plan for and i somehow find the words to tell him the answer. its a crazy thing. Yeah maybe a newer backpack like the rei one! The one i have is a little beat up but i like that kind of style. Torie told me last week when she emailed me. I was thinking about it and its kind of an answer to prayer. That the first week that im on my mission her and Vick break up. Gabby told me maddie was getting a truck and then Andrew told me it was the Stewart's yesterday. She is a lucky girl! Im sorry that's a bummer. (response to Dad not surfing) Is work starting to get busy again? how is kate doing? NO WAY!! that sucks...  (response to Grandma and Grandpa Nielson moving to St George) I cant believe that they are actually doing it. I guess i was the one keeping them in California and nowsince im gone they are moving hahahah just kidding. Yeah it was weird on tuesday night we had like no one in our residents because all the english people that came in with us left. I havent heard anything about argentina but i think i will be good because it says i leave Nov 2. I think i will be flying to Atlanta first and then down... I do get to call home tho when im at the airport so i will tell you the details when i know.(Did you get my letters?) So this week for our devotionals we got to hear from Vocal Point which is an acapella group from BYU. There last song was super sweet. Then on tuesday we got to hear from Linda k Burton. who is the general relief society president. She talked about the important of prophets and how sometimes we dont realize how awesome they are. Shupe and I also had a killer lesson on tuesday! It was nice.

Perri so last night we got new missionaries and guess who is on my same floor. Donovan Toki!! It was so crazy seeing him. He is going to Sacramento. I hope everything is going good! When does Uepi come in too? and whats Tannas email??

Thats awesome that kate gets to play more! She just needs to keeping on killin it and she can get that scholarship to San Diego!! hahah Is she going to do waterpolo? 

Well i love you all and am praying for you! I hope everything is good at home! Its kind of crazy that its been 2 weeks already. This last week flew by.

Donuts from Kira and Cheryl Burr

 The guy in the white shirt behind me is Elder Black, Coulson,  Vail, then the girl is Hermana Hussey.

Black isnt in my district but is in my branch. he the funniest guy. He is from Montana

This is the guy that i flew in with! His room was right by us. He left on monday

​This was at general conference

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