Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dane enters MTC Sept 23rd 2015

Sept 23rd 2015

Dane is to report to the MTC at 1:15.  We take him to the airport at about 5:00 AM, plane leaves at 6:15.  Had to move a few things around to get luggage under 50 lbs per bag.  Martinez family is there to see him off.  There was another missionary from Diamond Bar on the same flight as Dane going to the MTC.

Kira made arrangements to pick him up in Salt Lake with a friend. They went to breakfast and also met up with Chad Larson. Dane was able to take a nap at Kira's apartment before going to the MTC. He made arrangements to meet up with his good friend Andrew Moore just outside the MTC so they could arrive at the same time.

Meet up before entering the MTC

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