Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 62 11-28-16 Centenario

Hey guys this week was really good!!

Our investigators are progressing and we are finding a ton of new people. We had a lesson with Irma. We went with Hno. Veles and we read the first chapter of the BOM. She then said that she was going to read until chapter 5!! We asked her how she felt about the BOM and she said that she had peace for the first time in months!! It was super awesome. The BOM really is the keystone to our church. I know that it is true and that it can help us with any problem that we have!!
A funny Friday we had Elder Hoffman with us because the ZL had to go to Neuquen for training. First thing that happened was after lunch we leave the pension and a huge storm hits us. It was super windy and raining a ton. It lasted about 30 minutes and it stop haha we then went to the bus stop to wait for the ZL. We were waiting and we see the bus come. when it was about 100 feet away there was a cloud of dust like a popped it got closer there was fire coming out of the bottom...the people on the bus were super calm and then everyone started yelling GET OFF GET OFF! hahah It was crazy!
Well I love you all!!
Elder Nielson

The storm with Elder Hoffman and Elder Britez

The bus with firefighters!

Elder Juarez who was my district leader in Chos Malal

Capilla Abierto in Cinco Saltos!!

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