Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Week 59 11-7-16 Centenario

This week we got wind and heat!!

Its cooking up here now. It was about 30 degrees C so its about 90 F but we had a good week. We found more new investigators that are super awesome. We got to talk with Jorge a little. We didn't have a cita but we passed by and he said that he was reading and wants us to pass by to help him understand better!! We had other lessons that were good and our investigators just need to go to church now....

So Sunday i had been praying that we could have investigators in the church. We had been working hard and Saturday we went to Gabriel and put a fecha for the 20th but he then told us that he was going to go fishing....but he is still doing good. 

Sunday we went and the first 30 minutes...no one came...I was bummed because the hermanas had an investigator(which was awesome) but I was a little bummed. Then a less active that we have been trying to talk with, showed up and had his 2 kids that want to get baptized!!! It was awesome!! I was super happy and know that the Lord blesses us when we are faithful. 

Today for Pday we did an asado. I cooked it and it turned out super good. Im going to cook you guys a super good asado when i get back!!!:)

Well i love you all and miss you tons!!!

Elder Nielson

Cinnamon rolls that we made!!

We made Ñoquis with Fabian. This is the pasta made from potatoes.

The Asado!!!

The Asado!!!

The Asado!!!

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