Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 58 10-31-16 Centenario

Well this week we got to feel a little bit of summer!!

On Monday it rained all day and we had to go to Cinco Saltos. The streets there were rivers. It was crazy flooded. We then had the heat hit us. I got burnt one day bad so i started putting sunscreen.

In Cinco Saltos, We had a training with the zone. I got to see Elder Martinez for the last time. He goes home after this transfer. He is doing good. I also saw Elder Feulin. We were in Plaza Huincul the same time! 

The work is going really good. We are starting to see the blessings from all of our works. We found a couple of new investigators that are super ready. We had a super awesome experience with a member and an  investigator. We went to Jorge with Benjamin Tapia(Capo), we knocked his door (clapped I don't know if you guys know but here everyone claps haha) he came out and told us that his wife didn't want anything because they already went to a different church. I had this feeling that we just had to keep talking to him so we started talking about the BOM. He then invited us in. Hermano Tapia asked him what was a question he had in his life? He then used the BOM to answer it. We taught him L1 and committed him to read and pray about the BOM. He said he would do it!! It was super awesome.

Well i love you all!!

Elder Nielson

Familia Flores! He is our mission leader but  he is going to Buenos Aires for 1 month for work..

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