Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 55 10-10-16 Centenario

Well first off..

Jazmin didn't get baptized:( There ended up being a problem and President called us 30 minutes before the baptism and said that we couldn't do it. We talked with her and she still wants to get baptized so she is going to do it when she goes back to Spain. So that is good!

We had a really good week and found a couple new people! We put a fecha with Fernando, Alex, Mauricio and Gabriel. They are brothers and cousins that live in Costa Reyes! They are super awesome. They have 16,12,12 (ages) and they know a ton. A funny story about them...we went to their house last Monday and it started to rain a ton. Alex was like, No! my lamb is outside. So he and I ran outside and rescued it hahah.  I carried it in and got my shirt all dirty but it was fun!! 

We also had a the party for the wedding of Flia. Jerez. They did a whole asado. They had ribs from a cow and they roasted them. We had to leave early so we didn't get to eat then but Hno. Jerez ended up bringing us some the next day. It was super good!!! Today for Pday we went to a Jineteada which is a rodeo. It was cool. Super hot but it super awesome. The rodeos in the states are better but it's something different haha.

Well i love you all!!

Elder Nielson

With the lamb!

Hno. Jerez putting the chimichurri on the meat!

The asado!!

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