Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 60 11-14-16 Centenario

So to start off this week! I found out that Jazmin that lives in Spain got baptized this week!
Jose showed us photos and its was super awesome.

We had a really good week. We started off a little slow and then on Wednesday we had to go to Cinco Saltos for interviews with Presdient and we also had a training. It was really good. After this we had a really good weekend. We found a lot of new people and had a lot of really good lessons.

Sunday we had a lesson with the Flia. Tapia and their friend Erma. It was a super good lesson and she has been looking for answers so we told her to read and pray about the BOM. We will see how everything works out!

We also had transfers, and I'm staying but Elder Garcia is going to Roca. My new comp is Elder Britiz from Paraguay. He has 6 months so he is still pretty new. I'm excited to be with him and we will see how he is.

Fabian to say goodbye to Elder Garcia threw water at him. I ended up throwing a bucket and him and Fabian and then Fabian threw a bucket of water on me. We ended up all being soaking wet hahah. 

Well i love you all!! 

Elder Nielson

An old bus we found!

I made the Snickerdoodles!!

A new mate I got!! Its handmade!!

Elder Garcia 

Elder Martinez finished his mission!!

Elder Britiz my new comp

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