Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 64 12-12-16 Centenario

Hey guys this week was good!

We had a lot of wind but we still worked hard. We had another lesson with Gabriel and he is doing really good. He didn't come to church this week...but we are working a lot with him! We also found some new investigators. We had contacted a Paraguayo about 2 weeks back and this week we could teach him. Elder Britez is always talking  to him in Guarani which is cool.
We had a Training with President that was for Christmas!! It was really good. We did a couple activities that were really cool and President Casariego gave us a little treat bag haha

We did a service with the Hermanas on Saturday and we painted a small little house. It was super funny. The hermanas was putting water in the paint and we were like you shouldn't put more and she was like no they told me to put the end the paint was super watery and we had to buy more hahah It was a fun service!

Well love and miss you all!! Happy Christmas season! I hope everyone can Light the World!!

Elder Nielson

This was one of the activities. It is a thing that they do here and in Urugauy. They leave there shoes with water and grass and then the Wise men bring gifts!!

Chicken tacos that i made:)

I forgot to tell you guys that one night i got bite like 20times on each foot.....

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