Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Week 65 12-19-16 Centenario

Hey guys this week was really good!!

It's still hot but we are in summer now so it's normal. We had a lot of lessons and found a ton of new people. We put a fecha with a new investigator but she didn't go to church so we are going to have to put another one. With Gabriel Chavez, we couldn't visit at all this week because he found a new job and is working a ton. He is reading and praying which is good so hopefully we can find him this week. We really don't have any other investigators that are progressing but we have a lot of new ones. 

Saturday we went caroling too hahah The kid that hated doing it at home. I made a ton of Chocalate Chip Cookies and we went to like 7 families and gave them cookies and sung. It was actually really fun haha It started to rain a little too.

We have been talking with everyone and giving them little cards for Christmas. You would be surprised of how many people have told me that they don't celebrate Christmas because it doesn't say it in the Bible....hahah Its super weird to me! 

Well i hope everyone has a great Christmas and can remember Jesus Christ and everything that he has done for us! I love and miss you all!!

Elder Nielson


Cooking today with Fabian!
Homemade Flan!

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