Friday, January 29, 2016

Week 18 1-25-16 Plaza Hunicul

Transfers and Asados!!!


Feliz Cumpleaños Dad!!!!

This week was the best week of this transfer. The work is really picking up. Its awesome. We had a good amount of investigators now and found 4 new ones this week. The lord has really been helping us with the work. This transfer was hard but the hard work has payed off!! We had transfers Saturday and Elder Martinez got transferred which sucks...I really liked him and learned a ton both in Spanish and the church stuff. ( I don't know how to word it hahah) My new comp is Elder Valenzuela . I haven't met him yet but he is from the US. He arrives in the afternoon so next week i will tell you more about him. 
  This week we had some really good lessons. So with Maria, who's husband didn't want us to teach her, we got to have a lesson with him. It was really good so hopefully he reads and prays. She is super prepared so we just need him to want it too. 
     Saturday we had 2 asados!!! It was amazing. We had one with Flia Castillo and her son is one of our investigators also. Then Flia Almarza invited us over for Dalilas birthday and had an asado. We had to leave before it was all done but they gave us some to take back to our pension. Yayy. They are a less active family but have started to come back to church. Its awesome and Dalila is 9 and hasn't been baptized so we are planning to teach her too. Well that's about it this week!! It was a very good week. Oh yeah i finished my training this week! Well love you all!!

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