Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 14 12-28-15 Plaza Hunicul

I thought the States had crazy holidays!!

This week was super good!! I spoke a little to soon about it not being hot here......It way hotter Saturday and Sunday. hahah we are sleeping with the fan now which we didn't before! Its not much hotter than California but we don't have ac and stuff hahah. 
Well a couple things I forgot about was on Christmas eve we had PUMPKIN PIE!! it was super bomb!! On chirstmas we had an asado and i tried the blood sausage haha it tasted like stuffing. The asado was super bomb but the asado we had for lunch on christmas eve was the best meat I have was pig!! After lunch we playing soccer which was a lot of fun and then went to the church and I got to play the guitar. Martinez is super good at guitar too. Saturday we got our first investigator. She was a contact we had earlier that week and we taught her the first lesson and I got to share the first vision and the spirit was super strong. She has a lot of questions and I think she is going to be good. On Sunday we also so had 2 more lessons and actually taught a lady the first lesson on the side of the street. It was super cool. 

A cool experience I had this week was we were trying to decide what to teach a lady we had one lesson with. My comp wanted to teach the Atonement and I wanted to teach the First lesson. We decided to pray about it. I said the prayer and I asked which one. I said the first lesson and then the Atonement. When I said the Atonement I had this warm feeling. It was super cool to see that the Lord answers prayers. We didn't get to teach her because she wasn't home but it was still an awesome experience. 

So on Thursday we went to the church for Elder Martinez to call his family and we didn't think that there was an alarm so open the door and its good. We walk in and all of a sudden the alarm goes off and its super loud. we call the bishop super quick and get the code and then like 20 minutes later we hear the bell ring and we look outside and it's the police......haha everything was fine and they just took Martinezs information! 

Well that's about it!! Love and miss you all!!

The gift a member brought for us

At the park hahah

At a members house for Navidad

Navidad Night

The asado :)

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