Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Week 13 12-21-15 Plaza Hunicul


So my new area is big!!! We walk a lot but its all good hahaha Both my comp and i are new so its been harder. We don't know where anything is or who anyone is. We had a good week tho. We had some good contacts. I also found a rocking climbing wall...it was dope. I sent a picture. It was super cool!! So my comp is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He only knows a couple words in English so we speak Spanish the whole day. I actually understand him though. It's awesome. I dont have a problem only speaking spanish because i can almost always say what I want now and I understand him. I have to say the Lord has a hand in that. My Spanish is a lot better now. I understand the members haha and most say its good for only 6 weeks:) I still have a lot to learn but its good. My comp is awesome tho. He has a strong testimony and likes to work. I have already learned so much from him. I was scarred at first to have a latino comp but it has shown me that my spanish isn't all bad hahah My area is only 3 hours south from Rincon so the weather is pretty much the same but its starting to get hot...Plaza Hunicul is right next to Cutral Co which is a more known city. Its like Rancho Cucamonga and Alta Loma. For church they have classes first and then the Sacrament and I had to give a talk in church and i didn't know till like 5 minutes before the meeting hahaha The life of a missionary!! Well i think thats all. Im excited to talk to you guys on Thursday. Love you all!!

Freakin i was dying when i was reading about the car. I can just imagine the jokes hahahahah We should get one to take down to mexico;) The adventure Crossover!! I was dying at how mom called it a mini van and the guy was like no its a crossover hahahah Thats awesome with Torie!  Well i hope everything is going good! Also in my district there is an Ecuadorian guy. Where did you serve in Ecuador? ¿Como esta mi llave? -Elder Conforme

For transfers i will tell you on Thursday because its confusing haha but we take a bus.

Love you all!!
Elder Nielson

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