Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 16 1-11-16 Plaza Hunicul

Ecuador Smoothie!!!!

Me encanta su español padre!! 

This week was mas o menos! The weather has been super random. We had a couple storms but it rained in the night. We had a lot of investigators last week and this week none of them were home....We visited an old investigator that was in the area book. We taught her the first lesson and gave her a Book of Mormon. She said she was going to go to church and we made plans to pass by in the morning and take a taxis to church. So before i finish that story we had a training with the zone in Zapala Thursday. It was super good and fun to see other parts of Argentina. Well they have a new rule that you cant go to the classes in church if you dont have an investigator so we passed by Maria who lives close to our pension.(Our pension is 40 minutes from the church). We passed by at 915 and she wasnt there....We looked for a couple other people but nothing. We ended up arriving at church at 11 but we stopped by her after church and she said that she read and prayed and feels this is the right path for her!!! YESS

Some other cool things this week was we had an Asado with the Bishop! I ate so much but it was soo good hahaha After we were walking back with the other elders and a kid asked "¿Que significa Hola en ingles?". Elder Feulien who is from Buenos Aires but knows english a little says it means douchebag.....i was dying because it was so random hahahahah P.S i didnt teach him that! 

We had exchanges and i went with Elder Conforme and we made the smoothie that dad makes. It was super good! Elder Martinez and I also made pancakes but they are more like crepes. We had strawberrys, bananas and dulce de leche with them. 

Well hope you have a great week and love you all!!

Mom i loved that talk you sent me. Elder Martinez and i have been talking about that a lot. Its so true. A lot of people have faith but not hope that God with bless them. I have tried to be happy all the time because it makes everything better!! I feel the same way with free agency. There is times I just want people to do what I tell them haha. Im sorry about my comp and my words hahaha I'm just being me :) Love you!!

Dad I'm glad I'm not the only one with a bad hair cut haha  That's awesome about El Empalme. I think its weird how things work out. The first two weeks in this area were hard but I love it here now. The members help a lot and also my comp. He is always happy and wants to work. It helps me when we are having a bad day. They dont say Chevere or bacan. Martinez said its Mexican hahah So I can use them when I get home. In Argentina they say Que tal or capo. For cool. Well you should go hike and send me pictures. I love you!!

Elder Nielson

My zone

My dream car in Argentina

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