Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 15 1-4-16 Plaza Hunicul

California weather!!

Happy New Years!! I start my first full year in the mission! So this week was HOT in the beginning and then was stormy over the rest. It rained Wednesday and a couple other times for like 10 minutes. Its just like California haha 
This week we had 2 more new investigators and both were people that we had for backup plans to visit. The Lord has been helping us a ton lately. I got to invite my first person to be baptized and they said Yes!! I also got to see how spiritual Elder Martinez is this week. One day he said we need to go contact in this area. There is a family ready. We were contacting and the last house that we visited before lunch was a lady Lorena. We talked a little and invited to come back another day and she said no.  She was a Testigo (Jehova's Witness) and started to say how Jose Smith isn't in the bible and all this stuff. We just listened and then Elder Martinez bore his testimony and invited to come back. the spirit was so strong and she said  yes. We left her with a lesson 1 pamplet. It was an experience I wont forget. We plan on visting her today so we will see how it goes.

For New Years we had an Asado with our district in the church. It was sooo bomb. We had carne and chirzo. Martinez cooked it and it was way good. It was super fun to chill and then we returned to our pension and watched the fireworks. I love them and they have so many. In the street a mordo blow up and it looked awesome but not safe haha Its crazy they have firework stands on the side of the streets everywhere. Also there was a big storm so there was lighting too. It looked super cool with the fireworks. I tryed to take a timelapse with my gopro but it didnt start....I was pretty bummed. On the 1st we played futbol and just chilled because it was our p day. 

Some other things this week that happened was I found 100 pesos!!!! I bought the mate hahah i sent a picture.  We also had an asado on Saturday after we did service with a less active family and then the family came to church on Sunday! I got a haircut looks fine but its not the best haircut haha but hey i dont need to look good for the girls right now;) 

Well this week was super good and this next week should be too. I miss and love you all!! 

Hey dad the elder conforme said that the thing with burning paper mache people still happens in Ecuador. We don't have anything crazy like that here. Only fireworks and Asados!!! One wierd thing is all the motorcycles are aircooled like the old bikes but they are new bikes. I have only seen one bike with radiators and it was in a shop. Elder Conforme said that El Empalme, Ecuador is super horrible and he's really sorry for you. hahaha Also Salomon shoes are really big here.  Love you tons!! 

Hey mom 
We all have bad days in cornhole. I miss playing with everyone and i know that the mission is the right thing and its also super fun here haha There is a lady here that has 8 cats that live inside!!  I have really seen the lord in my life this week and its so true. We have hard times so that we can see the good times. We talked about free agency in church and I thought how we can do everything for a person to accept the gospel but they still have their choice to accept or decline.  The Spanish has got way better with Martinez and I'm starting to think in Spanish more! Thanks for everything! Love you !!

I love you all tons and hope you have  a great new year!!

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